OpenAL Soft Configuration

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OpenAL Soft Configuration

Postby DabbingSquidward » Mon Feb 26, 2018 4:40 am

So after playing GZDoom for a while with OpenAL as the only available Sound Backend, I noticed some playback problems like Gain Limiting that weren't there when FMOD was still around. After searching the forums and the net high and low for any solutions, I stumbled upon the OpenAL Soft Configuration program. I tweaked the settings to my liking and put the soft_oal.dll (x64) into my GZDoom folder. I deleted the original OpenAL32.dll and still had sound, so it must've detected the new one. But I can't make out any difference or improvement. Is there someone who could give me some insight or offer some support as to why it doesn't work or what I might be doing wrong? Thx in advance.
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Re: OpenAL Soft Configuration

Postby Chris » Mon Feb 26, 2018 11:00 am

I believe GZDoom already comes with OpenAL Soft 1.18.2 (the latest release), so you don't need to mess with the DLL. By deleting the provided OpenAL32.dll, it's likely picking up the device router you seem to have installed, which will then find soft_oal.dll for additional devices. Depending on the device selected, it may or may not be OpenAL Soft (if it doesn't use an OpenAL Soft device, the OpenAL Soft configuration will obviously be ignored). But you can simply use the configuration program to disable the gain limiter and keep the original OpenAL32.dll that was provided with GZDoom.

Ultimately, I think it would make sense to provide the gain limiter option within GZDoom so you don't have to use with the external configuration app. It should be noted, however, that if you're actually perceiving the gain limiter it's because the output is exceeding the maximum amplitude... the alternative to the gain limiter is the signal clipping.
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