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Front Page Spam

Post by WolfCub »

For all the free work randy does for you, you should have more respect for him and his site. Instead everyone spams the front page. Randy should ban your ass if you spamed the front page.
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Post by Biff »

Since most of it was done in fun, I don't think Randy is going to feel disrespected. What started as a good joke was followed by plenty of people telling each other to "stop it!", with a few lame posts here and there for punctuation. He'll most likely fix the "problem" and move on after laughing at all of the finger pointing and apologies. The Randy we're used to will not be banning anyone in relation to this incident, I'm sure.
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Post by bimshwel »

Beware! F. Randolph Heitington III has been possessed by deviant spirits under command of the nefarious Transfestunerix and changed into DARK RANDY! There is little hope for a return of "The Randy we're used to!"
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Post by Hirogen2 »

Evil Mittens wrote:F. Randolph Heitington III
This ain't his real name, is it?
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Post by Malphas »

I hope not. That'd be worthy of a few joke posts, based on G.P.

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