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Post by HotWax »

The Absolinzee wrote:What are you going to do about my free-speech NOW, Mr. Great Randy?
First off, you will address him as Lord Randy The Great, lest your tongue be torn from your mouth, heathen!

Secondly, there is no such thing as free speech on a private board. You are here because Randy allows you to be here. He can throw you out or let you stay at his discretion, and so far all I've seen from him is alot more patience with your BS than I would have had. All you're doing with your temper tantrums is digging a deeper hole for yourself and ensuring that you're not going to have the priviledge to use these boards much longer.
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Post by randi »

I wonder where he will go now.
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Post by Xaser »

randy wrote:I wonder where he will go now.
What, did you finally kill him? (Please Say Yes!)
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Post by Zell »

Xaser wrote:
randy wrote:I wonder where he will go now.
What, did you finally kill him? (Please Say Yes!)
lol i haven't seen him a while...so i would think so =p
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Post by BBG »

The Absolinzee wrote:<Serenity> Jesus Christ Nanami is too moronic to say "Mighty Duck X-treme."

<Sonic> omg really? She's not even as gorgeous as you are, and she never will be.

<Sonic> My thought's on this, $5 says Doomworld will think they rock cause they won't forgive him for his sins, and not realize their forums are being run by a bunch of moderators who are fucking titwits who will never in their lives play or even test a super top secret Doom mod* we are working are... AND IT'S GOING TO BE THE BEST DOOM MOD EVER CREATED.


<Joey> Too bad Ultraviolet and BBG made a bunch of cruel and uncalled for commets at our master when master made an announcement of his project in the works. *taunting at Ultraviolet and BBG*

<Sonic> GO AWAY.

*Laughing* Now THAT was pure comedy gold!

<Sonic> And BBG is truly a HUGE FAG who needs to go swim in a pool of shit

<Serenity> Heh :Þ

<Serenity> /me commits arson at the DW forums.

<Serenity> And here's some words to whoever banned master:


*Doomworld's dsm killed by Serenity*

<Serenity> Now where were we... oh yes... ORGY!!!!!
Haha, you're so unfunny it hurts. You're about as funny as a cup of water, and about as smart too. Go drown in a lake of your own stupidity.

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