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Coop problems

PostPosted: Sat Jul 26, 2003 9:29 pm
by Regasi
Is it possible to disable deathmatch weapons in coop mode. Call me old fashion, but i just don't like the fact of getting the bfg on the first map.

I'm an idiot

PostPosted: Sat Jul 26, 2003 10:03 pm
by Regasi
I was using legacy to host the game. I didn't realize zdoom didn't do that :)

PostPosted: Sat Jul 26, 2003 10:43 pm
by HotWax
Yes and no.

ZDoom is fully backwards-compatible with Doom. That means that items flagged as "Multiplayer Only" will appear in Coop and DM. However, it also supports Boom, which provides new flags for items to appear in:

Single Player

These flags aren't exclusive, so you therefore can make an item show up in Coop and SP, but not DM. Or DM and SP, but not Coop. Etc.

The down side is that old maps made for Doom (like the original levels) are still going to use the old flag, so you're kinda screwed.

PostPosted: Sun Jul 27, 2003 9:41 am
by Biff
We've recently played some doom2.wad coop, also some pwads coop, so I have a few observations to add. At this time (zdoom zdoom does not bring doom2 deathmatch weapons into a cooperative game, the items flagged for "multiplayer only" are activated by the presence of the -deathmatch or -altdeath arguments. Randy has altered the original exe behavior in this regard just to trick you, Steve! I haven't tested the Boom flags and they probably work as Steve says.

When you play a doom2 pwad such as allhell.wad which has a dehacked patch affecting the weapons, zdoom no longer discriminates between cooperative and deathmatch play. Weapons which the author meant for deathmatch play are spawned into cooperative games. Randy said that was a by-product of how zdoom handles any dehacked weapons alterations, even a single altered frame. Here, let me paste his email response to me when I asked him why the deathmatch weapons in allhell showed up for coop:

"Doom made no distinction between coop and deathmatch modes for
multiplayer things, so not having multiplayer weapons show up normally
in coop games is my own extension. Editing a weapon or any of its
frames with Dehacked will cause it to spawn as a special dehacked
pickup, which isn't a weapon but spawns the real weapon instead when
you pick it up. You can use the BOOM "not in coop" flag with the
weapons in allhell to force them to not show up in coop games by adding
0x40 to the bitset with WadAuthor. So instead of 0x0017, you want them
to be 0x0057. This isn't available as a checkbox in WadAuthor, so you
have to edit the raw data to change it.


So Steve is correct about the original game behavior and that the Boom flags should work as intended.

PostPosted: Sun Jul 27, 2003 7:14 pm
by HotWax
Heh. I stand corrected then. I was going to check that ZDoom did indeed behave the way I stated, but really didn't have a way to do so. I couldn't even remember if -coop was a valid CLP, and even if it was, had no way to know if it would work in a single-player game, so I just kinda took Regasi's word.

Regasi: What are you whining about? Go play coop in ZDoom. :P