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Re: ZDoom project ideas you have... H.R. Geiger / biopunk ar

Postby Sophie Sillywater » Sat Apr 18, 2020 5:23 pm

I wonder how many artmods have really tried to redo a lot of the art in a more alien/lovecraft/Clive Barker's Undying or Jericho sort of way? Anyone heard of this on Doom? I don't know those engines at all, or if they are open source or anything.

I don't know have any of you considered that before? Making the horror elements of Doom thrilling again? I would love to just do an art mod of some of the creepiest art out there, and maybe base it around some horror writing I was doing a few years back. It would need some very freaky...worm tunnels... with moving worms... head pistons... redo the guns, for alien bullets/etc.

Maybe a redo on some of the characters to make them more ghoulish... do it as a Doom 2 mod, I think it has the most space for alternate monsters.

I think underground train stations to the various levels of hell, deathcamps, and jumping areas over an infinite gap in space, and dream puzzles over cogs and gears, and sockets dumping blood, and fesces and other stuff might look nice... especially in a a 640by 480 plus mode.

I guess I'll make the art mine if no one else has done it really, then it won't be a copyright restriction, sort of like they're doing with the "Scorn" videogame up on steam... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scorn_(video_game)(if it ever gets released poke me because I'll be dreaming).

I don't know if every feature will fit into this... but I' have completed and had beta tested by friends, and uploaded most of 18 or 20 full levels before, since 1994 and am the author of the "Hardtime" classic WAD for doom 1 that is still circulating. A fan favourite, look it up if you are interested. No hacks or cracks.

Doing this while waiting for the price on Doom Eternal to come down to used prices here. Nothing like getting a new game... except getting a new game at half price or less.

Out of this I do a lot of remixes, so a music MOD is a given... more Quake style, cyclical music would be fun, atmospheric madness...

I don't think I need to code mode it, but maybe I can look at getting some moving parts working. I heard the engine seriously coughs up on getting vehicles or anything like that moving. Maybe I will have to find out why.

Another option is to install Unreal Engine, but that is such a pain. I don't think I could fit more than one or two rooms in there without it crashing.
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Re: ZDoom project ideas you have

Postby FelesNoctis » Tue Apr 21, 2020 6:59 pm

FFFFRRRR wrote:I once made a >30 pages document about an open-world doom-mod.
Around 50 maps. I planned quests, collectibles, dialogues, bosses, you name it. 20 weapons, each with 4 stats to upgrade 4 times.
The goal is to kill 5 major demons, and you have to find a way to get at them. Often, you'd encounter platforming elements.

I completely lack the passion and talent to make something like this without using too many pre-existing assets, so I don't see much reason trying to get it done. I worked on some weapons for a few months before I got my current job, then realized there is no way I can actually pull something like this off.

I was inspired for something like this just recently in the Guncaster Vindicated server. I started searching around for examples that other people may have worked on, but it's something that, like FFFFRRRR mentioned, and others in this thread have pointed out as well, it's either beyond the scope of their skills, would take way too much time, or there's technical issues to worry about.

There are plenty of "macromaps" out there that push the engine to its limit in terms of size and content. There's also examples of hub-based systems. Those could be combined, couldn't they? One or several massive overworld maps with structures of various kinds that, when "entered", bump you to a smaller and more focused map. Hub systems have already shown that they can maintain the condition of the other maps you've entered, as well as trigger effects to happen in other locations. That could be used to trigger events, ambushes, etc. That's where technical concerns come in of course. Performance issues, save bloat?

I'm in the "not very skilled" boat myself, but considering there are mods (and maps) that have been in development for a decade or more, that's really just a matter of time and effort, right? Experimentation and refinement is the name of the game there. And as for not using "too many" pre-existing assets, I don't necessarily see that as a negative point? I feel like design and creative implementation is more important than tons of new stuff.
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Re: ZDoom project ideas you have... H.R. Geiger / biopunk ar

Postby Hecubassassin » Thu Apr 30, 2020 10:04 am

Okay just saying this is my post... I just wasn't logged in. :D
Also that I have some new ideas, and am moving ahead with those...
New art to include:

Animated to perfection using 3D render engines (for the sprites):
Skeletal zombies!
Weirder zombies!
Mollochians... pussy white imps yayness!
Creepier Hecuba/juju zombies
Upscaled skulls with pentagrams...
Gibbering beast with a bloody face...
Something like a Penangalan... that drags its bloody body behind it.
Look at Eye Of The Beholder Dragon art and think of something...
A blood incarnate creature would be neat...

Less animated:
Male and female tech-tribal.
Dead humans.
Nude dead humans
Dead cultists.
Cultists, large like mollochians.
Cultists, small like humans.
Perverted cultists.
Human strangely hermaphroditic cult leader.
Kind madly gyrating human / mollochian cultists.
Devil skulls on walls and stuff.
Apotheosis on walls and stuff.
Angels of death walls. Megawalls?
A broken temple... with broken walls with images of Christian saints.
A pin-hole needle Jesus.
A cross to hang bad cultists from.
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Re: ZDoom project ideas you have

Postby forefes » Fri May 01, 2020 11:09 am

I have an ambitious idea to make a three way battlefield/Battlefront conquest style war game between Doom 2, Duke Nukem 3D and Star Wars Dark Forces using the enemies from each game against each other. However, even beginning to figure out how the three way fight would work (or a six way fight if hexen, strife and wolfenstein are included) is beyond my beginning scripting level and will take me much more learning and understanding of scripting to figure out. In the meantime I wanted to at least make a 2 team base capture scenario possible with friendly bots working alongside human players of a team or each team to capture and hold objectives.

I imagine using a ticket system like battlefield and classic battlefront used to determine the victor using a score script that deducts tickets from player and computer deaths as well as tickets drained from the team with less bases till a team ticket score reaches zero. The area im hitting a wall with right now is the spawning scripts that I would use to spawn team oriented bots or at least a bot that is allied with the human player. So far I understand how to setup a script that would spawn an enemy or enemy wave, but so far I cant find an example of a script that spawns friendly enemies(like how you can set them to friend in the things menu when placing them as a thing in a GZDoom builder map. If anyone here has experience or information in scripting a friendly wave spawn or team oriented spawn, I would appreciate anything to get me over this lump.
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Re: ZDoom project ideas you have

Postby Tera » Fri May 01, 2020 5:24 pm

So I've seen some things about 2.5D platformers being made in Doom, which gave me an idea.
Could Klonoa be remade in GZDoom? Particularly wondering about how much of a challenge it would be to consistently turn the player and camera into certain directions, sorta like a rail. On top of that, having these said rails twist and cross over each other and having it work consistently.
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Re: ZDoom project ideas you have

Postby r&r » Tue May 05, 2020 2:26 pm

You know the Splatterhouse doom wad

It would been neat if there was like Nightmare on Elm Street and and Friday the 13th 3d mod
base on the nes.

But the Nes Friday the 13th game could be a better blueprint
as it got map layout and a easy layout what the cabins are.


Another idea, I don't think this ever was a mod.
a Rainbow six siege/Republic commando mechanics and gameplay of companions,
mostly a mod that let you give commands to companions, up to 1 to 3 companions.
tell them to follow to stay, but able to set them up where to stay, able to set up breaching doors

Oh a Brutal or a Enhance Batman weapons mod for the Batman Doom mod would be nice.

like better hand combat base on this https://www.realm667.com/index.php/en/a ... fist-redux
more bat gadgets like a ultrasound device that summon bats to attack enemies.
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Re: ZDoom project ideas you have

Postby CyberDemonSlayer73 » Wed May 06, 2020 1:08 pm

I would like to make a "They Live" mod, but I don't yet know enough for some of the features. The sunglasses would be hard to make, and the aliens vs humans would take some doing. But I do plan on making it at a later date, maybe with some help from people on this forum.
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Re: ZDoom project ideas you have

Postby Henry Bamblehood » Sun May 17, 2020 6:37 am

I was thinking about a mod where you are the factorio engineer with the set of weapons of the same game, enemies (will you put custom enemies, why the heck do we rename lost souls?) themes like you can't use your fists instead of you build turrets (mode 1, mode 2, mode 3) the chainsaw removes turrets and deals damage to enemies music in mp3 because my ass weighs me down :ugeek:
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Re: ZDoom project ideas you have

Postby r&r » Wed May 20, 2020 3:21 pm

Heres another mod idea

Robots vs Monsters or Mechs vs Kaiju

Mostly a mod where it's like Override: Mech City Brawl with a dash of Rampage, Virtual On and Mechwarrior, War of the Monsters and Earth defense force.

Mostly levels would be micro city base levels/stages, to defend a something, to destroying something, to clear fighting off and clear an area.

But all robots and monsters have different stats and functions.

Like the balance type with decent range and close attacks and basic amount of health

then the tank type with strong close range attacks and can sponge up damage, but it's weakness is slow and have weak long range attacks.

then the speed type who is very fast and have good range attacks, but have the lowest health and weakest close range attacks.

Then the odd ball unique types, with good speed and close range attacks but everything else is kinda weak.
Then the opposite type, that got good defense and long range attacks, but kinda got poor close attacks and speed.
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Re: ZDoom project ideas you have

Postby ModernAeon » Sun May 31, 2020 10:36 am


So in my fav Adventure Game of all time, Sam and Max Hit the Road (spoilers ahead if you haven't yet played this almost 30 year old game) toward the end of the game, in Bumpusville, you put on a VR headset and see a comically polygonal scene featuring one of the main characters (Sam) with a golden sword fighting a dragon.

I'd like to see somebody use that scene as inspiration for a simple map with some Sam the Dog player audio and an interesting melee only battle.

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Genius. Pure genius.
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Re: ZDoom project ideas you have

Postby Enjay » Sun May 31, 2020 11:19 am

Fun fact, Max is a secret NPC in Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II https://jkdf2.fandom.com/wiki/Max

(and is associated with other related Star Wars products too: https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/Max_(bunny))
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Re: ZDoom project ideas you have

Postby ModernAeon » Sun May 31, 2020 11:51 am

Enjay wrote:Fun fact, Max is a secret NPC in Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II https://jkdf2.fandom.com/wiki/Max

Didn't realize this! I knew in DFI he appeared in like a texture as a painting on the wall or something.

Enjay wrote:(and is associated with other related Star Wars products too: https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/Max_(bunny))

This I def knew. Every time you bought a Lucasarts games in the 90s, whether it be a Star Wars action game or Monkey Island adventure, it came with a magazine called "The Adventurer" and each one had a Sam and Max comic relating to an upcoming Lucasarts release. Purcell, Sam and Max's creator, is now a higher up at Pixar. Wish they'd wise up and make a Sam and Max film before bothering with a 500th Toy Story. One man's opinion, lol.
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Re: ZDoom project ideas you have

Postby Lagi » Tue Jun 02, 2020 5:12 am

base on Turin Turambar post mod for Doom that is a reskin to make it fantasy suitable.
why? we have heretic/ hexen already

to use the Doom maps.

how much alter mechanic? or just pure resking-esthetics?

Alter mechanic in some places, so it feels like its medieval technology game. But keep the pickups, monster, in their general roles. I would refrain from adding new key functions, alt fires, reloads (unless integrated as plasma rifle), zooms.

    the range monster abilities have to stay the same. Otherwise monster map placement as shooting turret stop functioning. Monster should have added melee attack (like revenant).

    blur artifact for sure could be change to something that work completely else, and no-one will cry.

    melee weapons: Starting melee weapons should be sword / axe / mace - classic medieval stuff, but contrary to fist, medieval melee is doing great damage from the start.

    Berserk could be replace with shield - this way you pick up Shield and have an upgrade of first melee weapon. OFC shield improve defense instead granting + billion damage. Shield should be keep DEAD SIMPLE - just 75% damage reduction if you using "fists".
    That would damage maps!

    no, instead killing Baron equivalent with punch in 5 second in melee, you would be able to last longer (with selected "fist") and kill Baron in 20 sec also in melee, using normal damage.

    Chainsaw - some big two-handed weapon. Axe would be classic. Hammer occur too often already in doom games. So is fire-axe :/. IMO two handed sword.
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Re: ZDoom project ideas you have | EarthBound

Postby Gustavo6046 » Wed Jun 03, 2020 12:02 pm

I am sure that this has already been said before, but I feel like there's a lot of potential in bringing EarthBound features (analogous, at least) to Doom. Perhaps misc. rewards (like from a loot table) and experience from killing monsters!

Leveling up can allow you to invest in a tech tree, whose nodes can be
• reflexive improvements (e.g. more loot or exp., augmented power from X loot, etc),
• passive improvements (e.g. slightly more efficient armor, small chance enemies miss, etc.),
• active improvements (stronger projectiles), or
• abilities and ability improvements (pertinent to mod; analogous to EarthBound's PSI attacks).

Additionally, there could be some extra monsters that are only vulnerable to the mod's abilities, but that drop extra goodies.
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Re: ZDoom project ideas you have

Postby MrToots » Sat Jun 06, 2020 4:56 am

I'm currently working on a few mods, but one that I wanna get done first is a mod I'm currently calling Boss Rush

I'm still teying to find candidates for replacements but I am not sure what Mods have Bosses fun enough to use
the basic idea is each enemy is replaced with a boss type monster, so for instance the Cacodemon is replaced with the Overlord(possibly the only relm667 addition, but I remember playing a really cool short map that ended with a boss fight against one and it was fun), a couple from Hell League(Benellus for the Shotgunner and The Programmer for the Mancubus), I was thinking Flandre from Touhou Dook for Spider Mastermind

basically I want to include nods to all kinds of mods from around the community and of course I will try to get as many peoples blessings, even though credit is usually good enough

so does anyone have any really good Bosses that are fun to fight against that would work in a project like this, the only caveat is that they need to be decent quality and are not way too different from the norm, so if possible no Terrorist style sprites(nothing against it, but it clashes against normal sprites) and no Adventures of Square and such, also obviously the need to be mobile, so no Icon style stage bosses
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