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ATTN Randy: Moderators

PostPosted: Tue Jul 15, 2003 9:33 pm
by Ultraviolet
It looks like these forums might attract a lot more users than the old ones, what with there being the availability of titles, pretty layout, and so on. We might need a few moderators...

I don't know who has the kind of time for it, but if you (Randy) think we might benefit from moderators (even just incase of accidental double-posting, people who come around to advertise, whatever), the following seem like good nominees to me (and if we are to have moderators at all, we should have more than one, because one moderator can't be around all the time):

1. Yourself. You da' man, heh. What with owning the forums and all, you probably already have moderation powers, and rightly so.

2. Nigel Rowand. He's very sensible, deals with the real-life equivalent of spammers all the time (high school students!), and he's been here as long as I have... er... probably longer.

3. Myself. I'm a big intrawebnette addict and will be getting DSL tomorrow so I can be online even more often. I've been involved in the ZDoom forums for a year or three now (not around so often lately, though) and

Anybody else wanna nominate more moderators?
Any nominees should be people who have been around on this "scene" for a while now, who is familiar with the older (and newer) posters, knows what is intended as spamming, knows what kind of stuff is flamebait, and, most importantly, is well aware that the ZDoom forums have always been a very friendly set of forums and that moderation won't really be necessary unless in extreme circumstances (so a moderator here has to be somebody who's finger isn't on the trigger all the time). As we've always said, this isn't Doomworld, after all. :-D

If you do choose to have moderators but don't know how to give moderation powers with this software yet, I know a forum operating on the exact same software that does have (several) moderators from which you might be able to get help. Ehm, the software probably came with plenty of documentation though.

So... let us know what you think.

PostPosted: Tue Jul 15, 2003 10:00 pm
by Mighty Duck X-treme
I second that.

I do have some experience using some HTML software, but I may not get what I might expect if I were to be the moderator (which is very unlikely, but I could deal with potental trolls).

How about Enjay and Nanami being moderators as well?

PostPosted: Tue Jul 15, 2003 10:33 pm
by Ultraviolet
Mighty Duck X-treme wrote:How about Enjay...
Enjay is Nigel Rowand. I guess he has completely converted to Enjay. He used to go by Nigel Rowand, on the ZDoom forums at least.

Dunno about Nanami. As far as the ZDoom forums go, she's *relatively* new (not a n00b, don't get me wrong). She's got good knowledge of ZDoom though, so she would definitely be helpful in her general posting. Good "forum citizenship" is one important trait of a good moderator, but technical knowledge (in terms of ZDoom) doesn't qualify someone to actively suppress off-topic posting and fix forum problems.

PostPosted: Tue Jul 15, 2003 11:51 pm
by Nanami
Being a mod is a lot of responsibility and I do way too much already. Four projects, a website, a job, and lots of other things. No time to be a mod. Nice of you to suggest it, but no thanks. =)

PostPosted: Tue Jul 15, 2003 11:57 pm
by SargeBaldy
yeah, enjay would make a good mod. dunno about that faint character though. he's a little spastic and i heard one time he killed a man with his bare hands.

PostPosted: Wed Jul 16, 2003 12:04 am
by Ultraviolet
SargeBaldy wrote:yeah, enjay would make a good mod. dunno about that faint character though. he's a little spastic and i heard one time he killed a man with his bare hands.

/me cracks knuckles.
Don't make me come back there and lay down the law on yo' ass.
(See? I'd be a great mod!)

PostPosted: Wed Jul 16, 2003 1:04 am
by Giomancer
Yeah, that Faint guy was brutal. Definitely somebody with his "finger on the trigger."

All kidding aside, I, uh, fourth the nomination for Enjay. The only thing that could crack his British stoicism is somebody insulting Princess Leia. Plus, he uses DeePsea, something of which I heartily approve. :D

I also second UV, as he seems to know when to put the smack down and besides, it was his idea in the first place, so he's gotta have loads of time, eh? {DO NOT QUESTION MY LOGIC!}


PostPosted: Wed Jul 16, 2003 2:20 am
by Ultraviolet
Loads of time I do have... for a while, anyway.

PostPosted: Wed Jul 16, 2003 3:05 am
by pritch
You can't buy experience like mine =P

A doomworld supermod for over a year. Of course, in my day you had to go through grotesque sexual initiation, then an assault course, then complete 666 tasks for Ling to become a mod.. kids these days don't know they're born!

Seriously, I'd go with Enjay and Randy and that's all you should need. Hopefully those who still care about zdoom/doom should want to behave. There was never really a problem on the old phorum.

PostPosted: Wed Jul 16, 2003 3:27 am
by Ultraviolet
Well, that would cover two time-zones. To have maybe 4 or 5 mods would probably be best: not too many, and there would be somebody around to take care of problems most of the time.

PostPosted: Wed Jul 16, 2003 3:33 am
by Nanami
I agree with pritch. Randy and Enjay can handle it.

PostPosted: Wed Jul 16, 2003 3:52 am
by Sphagne

PostPosted: Wed Jul 16, 2003 4:28 am
by The Ultimate DooMer
Well, I could do it - I'm not sure what technical stuff is involved, but if it's anything like DW (which doesn't look too hard, as I think the admin options box and the mod forums are all there is to it) then I should be fine.

PostPosted: Wed Jul 16, 2003 7:26 am
by Mighty Duck X-treme
I might want to bypass this and make my own Doom forums in the future.

The only way for me to become a forum administrator (not here, and not Doomworld) is to form my own forums when I have lots of money and a good domain to host my forums.

I agree with pritch, too. Beside, I was the one who suggested Enjay could be a moderator.

PostPosted: Wed Jul 16, 2003 7:37 am
by Cyb
I doubt there'll be a need for any mods, the old forums did just fine without any at all, and you didn't even need to register on the or anything. I dunno though.