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PostPosted: Mon Jul 28, 2003 10:20 am
by randomlag
Mannequin wrote:I meant that there was a lot of arguing going on that had nothing to do with ZDoom, it wasn't constructive to this forum and should be argued out in email or something else.
And that "reason of the day" is what makes for worthless forums. You do realize that your very post is contrary to your own argument?

IOW, forums can and should have a flow in subject matter/material. The material is OPEN for EVERYONE to discuss (vs email). Hence my 2 cents.

Just because it may not interest you is not a good enough reason. That's what makes forums interesting to me - or - boring. The choice of many forums becomes boring when the mods can't stand to be wrong or think they have some "privileged" way of looking at things that somehow nobody else has. Yeah right :lol:

See Enjay's quote for my view on forum postings.