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Post by Anonymous »

Hooraj! First post!

I usually play PC games only when I have nothing else to do (I'm attending a university, so times like these are rare). Up until yesterday, I rarely played Doom - the outdated graphics don't really bother me, it's just that it was too easy. The only times that I ever died in Doom SP was when I was crushed by a ceiling or overwhelmed by a ridiculous number of enemies (which I hate, because I've always believed in quality over quantity when it comes to enemies). Although I'm looking forward to Doom III, I know that I'll never be able play it - I'm a poor college student, so I don't have the money to replace my ancient Gateway comp.
I've known about ZDoom for a long time - in fact, whenever I did dust off the old Doom Collector's CD, I usually downloaded ZDoom almost immediately. I had never touched the "fast monsters" option until recently, because I thought that all that did was make them move faster. Yesterday, I finally messed with it, and :shock: HOLY CRAP! The enemies now shoot at me instead of walking around like retarded baboons! Plus, I was totally surprised at how fast incoming projectiles were, and the demons are like little pink drag racers. I downloaded splash3.wad from Enjay's site, which increases the immersiveness of the game (it's sort of intimidating to hear monsters splashing around like toddlers in a bathtub on MAP02).
Within the last 24 hours, I've played through Doom 2 and Hexen, and I plan on starting the Final Doom megawads soon. It's terrifying to face enemies that are actually capable of taking me out by themselves instead of needing thirty of their buddies. I've never been so into a PC game before this - and I had never been able to understand why people still made SP wads for this game.

Is this why Doom SP is still so popular? Does anyone else use the -fast option when playing SP wads? I'm wondering if everyone has been doing this and I'm just slow to catch on, or if it's just me that enjoys it.
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Post by Ultraviolet »

There are many reasons why Doom SP is still popular.

For some it is un-immersive, like a quick game of solitaire during those few minutes you've got free before you go to work. For others it is immersive without being overwhelming. Nobody can refute that the low system requirements do increase the immersiveness of a game -- that can determine whether you're viewing an animation or a slideshow, and slideshows get boring real fast.

Ease of editability is a big reason people still do Doom maps. Along with being easy to edit, there are certain constraints. Some argue that artwork is not complete until there is nothing left to take away, that in art, restraint sets you free (without limits, what is there to aim for?). ZDoom's additional editing features put us somewhere between here and there. You have to apply a certain degree of additional effort in the editor to use ZDoom's features, but for those who want them they are there. For those that wanna keep things simple, they can easily ignore those features.
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Fast monsters is cool (you'll have a great time with Plutonia on it...) and I use it quite a lot, but I don't think it's that widely used...or there would be wads made specifically for fast.

Because none of the wads are built specially for fast, some will work with it and some will not (in terms of ammo, health etc.). Plutonia/TNT work fine, as does Heretic (play that as well if you have it) but with custom wads it's a bit more random. (and tends to work better if you're familiar with the wad before you play with fast)

Post by Anonymous »

Man, I wish I had Heretic. Back when I was a more hardcore gamer, I was a collector of classic FPS games, and I have the entire Quake series (including all the mission packs), all of the Dooms (I, II, and Final), and Hexen + its mission pack. I've been wanting to get Heretic and Hexen II so that I can say I have all id Software games made prior to RtCW, but, like I said, us poor college slobs need to hoard money to buy packaged food at Costco (including a lifetime's supply of macaroni and cheese) and $40 schoolbooks that we end up never using.

Although, I could probably get Heretic on Half.com for $5 (*starts counting quarters*).
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Post by HotWax »

UV, I have no idea what you just said, but I'm pretty sure it was very deep. :shock:

Liam: I rarely use the -fast option, but I still enjoy Doom because I'm the type of person who just enjoys mindlessly running through maze after maze blowing stuff away. The occassional puzzle-style WAD that makes you think is okay sometimes, but they don't relax me quite as much as just blasting away countless demons and having to hit the occassional switch. (Hmm, no wonder I dislike Hexen.) Plus, as UV pointed out (okay, so I understood ONE part of his post), I can just hop in and play for 15 minutes or an hour or all day long if I want to. There's no complicated storyline or adventure system that makes it a chore to play the game. It's the same reason I prefer Diablo II over more conventional RPGs. Call me crazy, but I like to actually PLAY a game, not wander around an overworld for 3 hours fighting menu-driven battles that each take 5 minutes to complete, just so I can wander another 2 steps and hit another random encounter. Story is all well and good, but if the "game" feels more like a job than I don't see the point.
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Post by Bio Hazard »

HotWax wrote:I like to actually PLAY a game, not wander around an overworld for 3 hours fighting menu-driven battles that each take 5 minutes to complete, just so I can wander another 2 steps and hit another random encounter.
i feel SO the same way...

thats why i dont like consoles very much

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I think that, in my 8 or 9 years of playing computer games, I've only played FPS. Roleplaying games take too much involvement (especially MMORPG's), RTS games take a lot of micromanagement, etc. What I'm saying is that I'm not into games that just throw hordes upon hordes of weak enemies at you in the attempt to overwhelm you and appease your bloodlust in the process. With the -fast option, I can play on the lower difficulty levels and still expect a good challenge from fewer monsters, because each individual monster has the potential to kick my ass.

I guess I just like games to be hard without being repetitive.

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