Doom player/editor/foo community channel on irc?

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Doom player/editor/foo community channel on irc?

Post by Curunir »

I've been watching the progress of every decent Doom port out there (Zdoom and Legacy, that is. Needless to say, Zdoom owns the crap out of Legacy, but the Legacy dev team should still be given some credit) And I've been playing all these great megawads and episodes and all. And I must say that Doom's pretty much the only game which stuck around on my hdd forever.

I hang on irc a whole lot more that I really should. And whenever people start talking about this and that game, and I'm trying to make some crazy texruting work in Doom, it feels sucky. So I thought that there HAS to be a place where Doom players or people who tinker with the game and maps and all hang on irc. The forum over at Doomworld may have been a more appropriate place to ask, but I feel my Zdoom closer to my heart :wink:

So, there. If anyone knows about such a place, which is not "Idleland 24/7", do answer. Thanks in advance!
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Post by Eevee »

if there's not one already and someone decides to make one, put it on Esper! o.o
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Post by Cyb »

you may want to try #zdoom on
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Post by Kate »

Just to warn you though, it's not really about zdoom. Rather, it's more of a general chatting channel.

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