Average doom player demos

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Average doom player demos

Postby Apeirogon » Fri Nov 08, 2019 3:36 pm

I work now on AI enhancing mod. And I need adjust some technical data in it. For this I need to see how different peoples play doom.
Since humanity still dont invent teleportation and mind reading, I need demo records of how someone beat maps. More precisely, how much time medikit staying "alive" after player find it, how player deal with monster in places which he cant reach for now, did he pick blue armor after founding it or wait, when and how he retreat, what he do after happening into trap, etc.

If you bother to help me, I need demos (preferably) with vanilla weapons and on new, for you, map. Since if you know map (where lie berserk pack/shotgun and shells/mega sphere/soul sphere/blue armor) then it would be more "how good I remember this map" than "how I play doom".
To record demo run last version of (preferably) gzdoom/boom/%insert you source port name% with "-record <record name here>" command line argument. It would throw you on first map immediately after launch, without showing menu. To stop recording just exit game. Then post it record name file here with the name/link to wads you playing.
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