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Re: ZDoom project ideas you have

Postby VladTopol1706 » Tue Aug 22, 2017 3:58 pm

Cherno wrote:A lot of this could be copied straight from Nam/Napalm.

Actually only a few things because some consider that mostly of NAM sprites are bad, i only use the textures for maps and the enemies but the weapons not
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Re: ZDoom project ideas you have

Postby Rachael » Tue Aug 22, 2017 7:56 pm

Gez wrote:
Rachael wrote:The problem was the RandomSpawners refused to transfer +AMBUSH flags

:!: :?: :!: :?: :!: :?:

This was a long time ago. It might not've helped that I defined my own randomspawners, but even when i used the internal ones it was still the same thing.
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Re: ZDoom project ideas you have

Postby skyrish10 » Thu Aug 24, 2017 9:09 pm


A Modern Warfare mod based on numerous Call of Duty (Modern Warfare series particularly), Ghost Recon, SOCOM, Rainbow Six Siege and Battlefield video games and influenced by Hideous Destructor, Real Guns Advanced Trilogy (including Call of Doom by Arrowood), Immoral Conduct, Doomzone, Doom RL Arsenal, Naferia's Reign and the sadly unfinished Project Operation Unthinkable




Other Stuff:
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Re: ZDoom project ideas you have

Postby Gez » Fri Aug 25, 2017 8:56 am

Rachael wrote:
Gez wrote:
Rachael wrote:The problem was the RandomSpawners refused to transfer +AMBUSH flags

:!: :?: :!: :?: :!: :?:

This was a long time ago. It might not've helped that I defined my own randomspawners, but even when i used the internal ones it was still the same thing.

Correctly transferring spawn flags (and other relevant spawn data) is the RandomSpawners' primary job.
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Re: ZDoom project ideas you have

Postby Redead-ITA » Thu Aug 31, 2017 2:31 pm

I dunno if somebody did this but
I had an idea for a Joke Text mod.
its like useless pickups mod but the only thing that changes are only the text on pick up messages, menu options and intermission screens (and maybe also enemies names), thats it.
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Re: ZDoom project ideas you have

Postby armymen12002003 » Fri Sep 08, 2017 3:01 am

an army men mod based on the games like army men 3d world war sarge's heroes 1&2
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Re: ZDoom project ideas you have

Postby r&r » Fri Sep 08, 2017 4:41 pm

I'm not a modder but I like to rip and edit sprites

As I'm actually ripping sprites from MDK the pc game
and wondering would anyone would be interested
to make a weapon and character mod of MDK?
as I've finish ripping these
I'm actually ripping Kurt (the main character)
and oh boy... he got so much frames animations...

I also got a few other ideas to make the MDK mechanics more interesting too.
Other Ideas you can take them if you like,
and I could help with the sprite editing if you need any help.

Street Fighter HD Gold Turbo Shoto DOOM Edition Plus (joke title, but you can take it if you like)

I'm surprise nobody this this idea yet
This idea is a Street Fighter idea
where you only can play as the Street Fighter series Shoto Characters
Ryu, Ken, Akuma and Dan.
Basic Punch and Kick Combos
able to jump higher
and have to pull off the Special moves
like the Hadoken, Shoryuken and the Hurricane Kick.
and you have to the inputs the exactly arcade games (more or less).

The Matrix RPG
I like the Movie series of the Matrix.
but there so many common mods it's just being over powered with kung fu and simple slomo.

This is weapon and skill-tree idea being 'The Matrix' theme.
Gain experience by killing/defeating foes, learn new moves and skills when your in a certain level
Mostly you start when nothing but basic kung fu and gun skills
your Bullet time have different stages of levels
making you slightly faster or/and make everything slower around you,
Upgrading your Striking speed, Striking damage Normal and Bullet Time Moments stats,
and later on you become as skilled as Trinity to Morpheus level,
and only then in the high levels your are over powered as Neo.
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Re: ZDoom project ideas you have

Postby Matt » Sun Sep 10, 2017 1:16 am

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Re: ZDoom project ideas you have

Postby merlin86 » Tue Sep 12, 2017 12:45 pm

Since there is this thing https://itch.io/jam/epistle-3-jam ongoing, why not a Paranoid Epistle 3? :)
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Re: ZDoom project ideas you have

Postby Matt » Wed Sep 13, 2017 5:32 pm

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Re: ZDoom project ideas you have

Postby rabid marine » Wed Sep 13, 2017 6:57 pm

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Re: ZDoom project ideas you have

Postby Atik » Thu Sep 14, 2017 1:22 am

So, I've done some looking around, and to my surprise there doesn't seem to be any Doom mods that take inspiration from the Warcraft setting. And, as they are wont to do, ideas begane floating about in my mind.

Said idea is currently for a 2-piece mod, one for weapons/gameplay, and the other for enemies. These would be designed with each other in mind, but separated for the sake of compatibility with other mods.

My primary thoughts, for now, are on the enemy-focused mod. I did some sprite-making in my younger years, and am gathering up some screen grabs from WoW model viewer in hopes of learning how to easily get them to a state where I can doom-ify them.

On the replacement side of things, I'm still having some back-and-forth considerations on what enemies fit best.

Basic Zombie Soldiers would become rather simple Legion-aligned warriors, or Felsworns. Armored men and women with axes, swords, and the like who approach and melee you. Probably slightly tankier than Zombie Soldiers, but only a true threat in large groups.

Zombie Shotgunners would become Felguards. Notably tankier than felsworns, moving quickly towards the player with melee weapons that can do respectable damage. Their main purpose would be as a front line for higher-end enemies.

Zombie Chaingunners would become Wrathguards. Similar to Felguards, but with less health, and much faster. They serve as a shock-trooper; charging at and distracting the player.

Imps would become... well, Imps, but warcraft Imps. Shorter and more aggressive. They would possibly also replace lost Souls, making them a numerous, but easily killed, enemy type.

Pinkies would become Voidwalkers. Hulking shadow-monsters whom charge the player and assault them in melee.

Hell Knights would become Doomguards. Large, winged demons which will both fling fireballs and assault the player with their weapons in melee.

Barons would become Terrorguards. Like their base-game equivalents, a suped-up version of Doomguards. More health, more ranged damage, faster melee attacks.

Cacodemons would become Observers. Few changes, simply offering what little air support the Legion brings to bear.

Pain Elementals would become Imp Mothers. Bloated female demons which launch fireballs from range and spawn Imps to defend themselves with.

Arch-Viles would become Dreadlords. Powerful spellcasters with mastery over Necromancy.

Other demons which I would like to include would be Succubi: stealthy melee attackers who would work to disable the player. Fel Hounds: fast moving beasts that drain mana/energy/health. Eredar: powerful warlocks and the commanders of Legion forces. Pit Lords: massive centaurian demons with spell and sword. And many others.

Obviously not all of them would be direct replacements, many being new addition which potentially appear as alternative replacements.

Then comes the gameplay mod. A weapon-pack of sorts, but with classes to match each Warcraft class. Each class has their own, not necessarily 100% unique starting weapon/spell. And, replacing base-doom weapons would be their Artifacts from Legion. This would give each class at least 3 different options, using a combination of their different weapons and alternate fire-modes to define clear strengths and weaknesses.

Unfortunately, I'm 100% new to Doom modding, so these are all just ideas at the moment. But I figured I would share them with the community to see any feedback.
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Re: ZDoom project ideas you have

Postby Amuscaria » Thu Sep 14, 2017 11:05 pm

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Re: ZDoom project ideas you have

Postby phantombeta » Thu Sep 14, 2017 11:16 pm

What the hell, Amuscaria?

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Re: ZDoom project ideas you have

Postby tchkb » Fri Sep 15, 2017 3:54 pm

I've been thinking about creating a Doom gameplay mod that changes player into Hexen's Fighter, revamped and enhanced to fit within the context of Doom's enemy roster and level design, with shifting gameplay into melee-focused as its main purpose. In order to do this, all melee options would need to outperform ranged options in DPS and reliability (minus the obvious problem of getting close and personal to all the ranged enemies) but still have the latter maintain their presence so the player would be able to hit all the potential out of reach enemies.
Some ideas for weapon replacements:
- Fist -> Timon's Axe - starting weapon, basic melee with no extra functions; can be toggled to consume blue mana (shell replacement) for extra power
- SSG -> an inventory item that permanently enhances the above's damage when using mana, carries over between levels
- Chaingun -> Crossbow - starting weapon, basic ranged option; very low rate of fire and imperfect accuracy when not zoomed in (which halved movement speed), but deals decent damage per shot; uses green mana (bullet replacement, also replaces shotgun and chaingun pickups)
- Rocket Launcher -> Hammer of Retribution - slightly stronger and heavier melee option than Timon's Axe; can be thrown for a ranged attack that deals heavy splash damage (useless vs monsters immune to it), but unlike Hexen's version has significantly larger delay between throws and can harm the wielder; uses yellow mana (rocket replacement) for ranged attacks and when consumption during melee is toggled
- Plasma Gun -> spear - significantly longer reach than the above two weapons; has two special attacks: Arc Of Death clone applied via a melee strike, and a strong long range throw; Arc Of Death needs to be charged for a few seconds, is mana inefficient and has a long cooldown, but can incapacitate an enemy for a few seconds if not kill it outright; the throw is pretty strong and is decently efficient, but needs to be revved up for a few seconds during which your movement speed is halved and also has a long cooldown; consumes red mana (cell replacement) for both specials and when consumption during melee is toggled
- BFG -> Quietus - the strongest melee option, with higher mana efficiency than the above; also has a powerful short range attack that deals massive piercing damage in a wide arc and takes short time to charge, but has outrageous mana consumption and a long cooldown; consumes red mana (cell replacement) for special attack and when consumption during melee is toggled
Berserker Pack would buff all melee attacks by a little, with the weaker weapons gaining more than the stronger ones.
The above replacements are adequate equivalents to Doom's weapons with varying utility in different combat situations while making melee a faster and more cost-efficient option whenever the enemies are reachable won't obliterate the player right off the bat. All other pickups (medkits, armors, etc) can be left as they are, maybe except for the sprites to fit the mod's flavor. Same with Doom's enemies, in fact the mod would be compatible with any additional DeHackEd and DECORATE adversaries.
Also thinking about giving the player some type of shield to protect the player from weaker hitscan and projectile attacks from the front, but that would be ridiculously difficult to implement and balance. That aside I could assemble almost everything outlined here using resources from other mods, with the major exception of the spear weapon which would need all the graphics made from ground-up by someone else (I'm not an artist) and possibly the sword beam attack of Quietus.
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