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How to download mod from Github for non programmers

PostPosted: Wed Oct 21, 2020 12:49 pm
by Apeirogon
A number of new mods currently stored on Github. Newbies to Github have problems to figure out how to download them. This little tutorial should help them to do so.

Spoiler: Unimportant info: What is Github?

To download code from Github you don't need to create account on it, install git or other external programs. All you need to have is a browser, even default Windows Internet Exp.... Microsoft Edge would suited here.

At the example of Gzdoom repository.....Ohhhh, you dont know what Gzdoom is? Its a source port of one small, unknown game from 1993 which is named Dum...Duum...something like that.

So open this link
You should see something like this (used Firefox browser)

Notice that it have big green button in the upper right
Screenshot_1 — копия (2).png

Press on it. You should see this menu.
Screenshot_1 — копия (2) — копия.png

Press on highlighter line, "Download as Zip". Browser would show you default "Save file as..." window. Specify folder in which it should save archive, wait until browser download it, and thats it, you successfully downloaded mod from Github. Yaaaaaaaaaaaay :cheers: Now you can open it in Slade3 (it can open zip archives) or unpack archive and open folder in VS Code, Sublime Text, etc.