Advanced 3D Floor Elevator for Doom

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Advanced 3D Floor Elevator for Doom

Postby Rick4574 » Mon Aug 03, 2020 4:40 pm

It really is amazing what you can do with old school Doom these days...
with Ultimate Doom Builder (Team DRD), and GZDoom!

This is a 3D floor elevator demonstration for Doom.

It is a UDF format map, for Doom 2, map01.

It was built with Ultimate Doom Builder Rev 3539 64 bit, and tested
in GZDoom Rev 4.5 64 bit.

It has more advanced functionality than the first elevator I made.

The elevator is now also "called" to any floor when the door switch is
pressed, unlike with the first elevator I made.

When entering the elevator, press on the four button panel (to the right
of the floor display panel) to choose a floor to go to.

Also, the red button inside the elevator, is an emergency door open button.

I'd also like to mention that this elevator doesn't use any of that "silent teleporting" garbage...
as it will traverse all floors naturally!!

For all you Doom Gurus out there, you can download the file here: ...

Also, check out my YouTube video of the Doom Elevator here:

And thanks for watching!!
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