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Your first PK3 project with ZScript

PostPosted: Sat Apr 27, 2019 6:11 am
by Kruno
It took me 2 days to cobble the information together to create my first ZScript PK3 project. I will now present it here so future users can benefit.

You need 3 files (no file extensions unless added):

The bare data you need in these files are as follows:

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GameInfo {
   AddEventHandlers = "Cat"
   forcetextinmenus = true

AddEventHandlers is a list of EventHandlers you have overwritten.

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version "4.0"

#include "script.zs"

You can include all ZScript files of your project in here. Make sure you place things in the order they are used.

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class Cat : EventHandler
   Actor player;

   override void WorldLoaded(WorldEvent e)
      self.player = players[consoleplayer].mo;

      Console.Printf("%s", "Activating Mod...");

   override void WorldThingSpawned(WorldEvent e)

      Actor npc = e.Thing;

      if (!npc.bIsMonster
         || npc.IsFriend(self.player)
         || npc.GetClassName() == "Lost Soul") {

      double rand = Random(0, 1);
      if (rand) {

      npc.Health *= Random(2.0, 3.0);

Grabs the player on Map load and prints a message. Also increases health and damage of monsters roughly 50% of the time. I shaded them in at one point but could not get the monsters to look the way I wanted to. I will play with this in future. I also hate Lost Souls!

Create a zip file called whatever name you want, but rename it so the extension is "pk3", copy the above files to it, and drag it onto GZDoom.exe and pick a game to play.


Why post this? I spent 2 days reading the forum, watching videos and reading the wiki, and looking at other people's work before I could get a simple hello world mod working. I figured if I posted this here I can use this as a reference in future and others will have a place to start. I will hopefully follow up with a simple set of tutorials that do things, but in a way that is very simple to follow and understand.

Re: Your first PK3 project with ZScript

PostPosted: Thu Sep 05, 2019 7:33 am
by Tartlman
Gonna be honest, the title is misleading and this is more of a guide on how to do your first event handler rather than something else. Also, you can probably roll back the required version of zscript to something older, which is a good practice in my opinion.