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Tutorials on YouTube

Postby Airos » Fri Apr 28, 2017 4:42 pm

I've been poking around YouTube looking for tutorials for Doom Builder, and it sorta turned into a small project.

I have not curated this list for the quality of their presentation, I have only collected the links. Different people have different subjective tastes when it comes to watching/listening to tutorials, so I cannot and will not judge what qualifies as a "good" or "bad" tutorial. I also have not curated this list for factual accuracy, or adherence to best practice/proper procedure. I am the most basic of beginners, so I am not qualified to determine who is doing things "wrong".

What I have done is gather up a bunch of links to some tutorials. I have provided links directly to the author's playlist when possible, or to the author's channel page when no playlist exists. I have not gathered links to individual videos when it's an authors only tutorial, although if I find enough that cover subjects not included in any of the following playlists, I may consider creating a playlist of my own to feature here.

The list is (never) finished. Edits will be made.

Doom Builder tutorials

*Official Tutorials*




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