Point Blank Gibs

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Point Blank Gibs

Postby WhateverMena » Thu Mar 16, 2017 1:18 pm

I'm in the progress of creating my own little custom gameplay mod, which is just a little archive of a few of my favorite mods put together in one convenient package and some other changes. Most of the changes are monster animations and behavior from XASER's Argent mod and whatever sources he used. Not that it's absolutely necessary, but I enjoyed the extreme death animations so much I wanted to switch it up a bit by making it easier to perform those glorious and bloody kills. One way I wanted to do so was by making the shotgun and super shotguns gib enemies when shot at point blank range (first noticed this in Brutal Doom). I was curious to see if anyone help point me in the right direction by referencing a specific piece of code that would help me make this possible.

Again, this isn't intended for public release. This is merely a gameplay mod I'm fixing together because I'm too lazy to scroll through my ever-expanding wad list to drag and drop multiple files onto an executable.
Thanks in advance.

- Mena
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