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Equippable Torch + Dynamic Light Artifact Torch

PostPosted: Fri Apr 16, 2021 6:17 am
by Colerx
Almost entirely got the equippable TorchWeapon from BrutalHexenRPG and the Artifact torch from Carnage Galore 3 mod by Ichor, so I made them standalone with some tweaks, many thanks to Ichor and BH creator!

Useful for lighting up the darkest dungeons, obviously.
The default Artifact Torch in Hexen and Heretic just makes the whole map bright so, nowadays, with all these cool graphic enhancements of Gzdoom I felt the need to change it to dynamic light mode.

You can set the key in controls menu to select the torch, I wanted to make it toggable with last weapon used but I may research for it later.


Torch OFF
Torch ON

Download: TorchV1.pk3


The TorchWeapon is meant to be used when exploring the dark, it has a bit weak fire mode with unlimited ammo just in case but for fighting, as in vanilla, the ideal way is to use the Artifact and keep slashing using weapons!

Nice to use with DarkdoomZ mod

it should be universal, working on Hexen, Heretic and in case Doom (here the artitorch sprite appears with inverted colors for some reason)
About Wrath of Cronos mod, with which I planned to use it, the artifact torch effect seems not working , it still makes the whole map bright even if replacing its "NewArtiTorch" actor of WOC, there should be some ACS script operating I dunno, anyway

hope this will be appreciated!