[ECWolf/LZWolf] ECWolf Mac/Jaguar/SNES Construction Kit

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[ECWolf/LZWolf] ECWolf Mac/Jaguar/SNES Construction Kit

Postby AstroCreep » Tue Sep 29, 2020 6:30 pm

A toolkit for making maps/projects in ECWolf or LZWolf based on the Mac Family ports of Wolfenstein 3D. Requires WDC, SLADE3, Wolfenstein 3D 1.4 (registered or shareware) and the latest development build of ECWolf or latest build of LZWolf.

This is a simple mapping and asset pack for use with the dev version of ECWolf/LZWolf and WDC, to make it a bit easier to use the extended features that ECWolf enables, like remote-activated doors/pushwalls,flats, plane heights, light levels and more! There are 3 PK3 files included with this toolkit, one containing the Mac assets, one containing the Jaguar assets and the last containing the SNES assets. Maps created with this toolkit are compatible with all 3 PK3 files - The very least needed to be done to make your own maps with this pack is to load up the WMC def in WDC, make your map, and then export and package and dump the WAD into the Maps folder in this PK3
(Remember to write your MAPINFO lump!)

To use this, simply use one of the 3 PK3 files included as a base for your project,
and using WDC, start a new project using Wolfenstein 3D as
your base project, set MAXPLANES to 4 and
load ec_macwolf.wmc as your map definition file.

To use the new features, I recommend reading my tutorials on
Zombie's WOLFSOURCE website, which details some of the
features in depth.

The original version of this construction kit was
designed for making maps using the original MacWolf
data files, however since A)those are very difficult to
find and B)MacWolf support is extremely incomplete, I have
re-done this entire toolkit to rely on the PC Wolfenstein
data files rather than the Mac files. This includes
all assets, sprites, textures and sounds. I have also
recreated the original MacWolf status bar using LATCHCFG.
Instead of ogg rip music, this contains IMF renditions of the
MacWolf music. If you would like to use the ogg rips, download
the Mac Style Music Pack.
If MacWolf support is completed, I will
make a stripped down version of this for use with those
data files.

This can be used without any errors with Wolfenstein 3D, registered or shareware demo version. Spear of Destiny also works, but some missing graphical assets for the menu will need to be provided.

Additional textures by AstroCreep
Switch sound effect and menu graphics from Wolfenstein 3D

This toolkit can also make custom levels for the following mods:

*Wolfenstein 3D: Claw of Eisenfaust (SNES Port)

*37 ½ Encounter (Partially compatible, new actors/texture symbols must be added in WDC, otherwise you are limited to vanilla MacWolf actors, certain new remote wall triggers added after 37 ½’s release won’t work)

This can also be used as a base for GZDoom/Zandronum mods, however this toolkit relies on actors already present in Ecwolf/lzwolf, so decorate/zscript actors would need to be written.

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Re: [ECWolf/LZWolf] ECWolf Mac/Jaguar/SNES Construction Kit

Postby irukanjji » Wed Sep 30, 2020 10:52 am

So. this is a sort of Oblige ?
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Re: [ECWolf/LZWolf] ECWolf Mac/Jaguar/SNES Construction Kit

Postby NightFright » Wed Sep 30, 2020 12:34 pm

Rather not. It's a map editor from all I can tell. However, Wolf3D games are not very complex, so a random map generator shouldn't be impossible.
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Re: [ECWolf/LZWolf] ECWolf Mac/Jaguar/SNES Construction Kit

Postby AstroCreep » Wed Sep 30, 2020 12:59 pm

More specifically, the .wmc file is a map definition file (defines the tile numbers) for use with WDC (Wolfenstein Data Compiler) by Adam Biser. You use the wmc file as your projects map definition file and create maps as normal. The pk3 files contain the data, you use the pk3 as the project base.

Dunkelschwamm has been making some simple YouTube tutorials on making maps and mods for ECWolf/LZWolf. Check em out here:
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