DrPyspy's Crate de la Stuff! [NEW: Hellified Soldier!]

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Re: DrPyspy's Crate de la Stuff! [NEW: Hellified Soldier!]

Postby Pandut » Mon Apr 20, 2020 4:17 pm

Awesome stuff, my dude! That hellified soldier looks fantastic :D.

I'm currently working on a mod where the player character is a not-human lady, may I use your Doom Gal mugshots as a base/reference to draw over?
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Re: DrPyspy's Crate de la Stuff! [NEW: Hellified Soldier!]

Postby DrPyspy » Tue Dec 01, 2020 12:30 am

I have recently been playing around with the Tyrant's model from Doom Eternal! I always thought it was neat how he and the 2016 Cyberdemon have the big old red light on the chest and an arm mounted blade, since it makes them feel like a sort of counterpart to the Doom Slayer.


This fella will probably replace the recolored 2016 Cyberdemon on my to-do list. However, I would really like to set aside some time to make a set of 2016 Cyberdemon sprites eventually! I've been feeling really nostalgic for Doom 2016 recently, so I might do some stuff on the side.
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