[CLOSED] Spriter for Hire [original actors w/ rotations]

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Re: [CLOSED] Spriter for Hire [original actors w/ rotations]

Postby Nash » Tue Oct 13, 2020 11:30 am

Ok, first up:

1) I have updated my example reel (also put in the first post)

Spoiler: Recent samples of my work

2) Currently I am closing off commissions (have closed off for some time now, actually - I just haven't had the time to reflect that status on this forum thread)

Now, the elephant in the room will be addressed in the next post.
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Re: [CLOSED] Spriter for Hire [original actors w/ rotations]

Postby Nash » Tue Oct 13, 2020 11:31 am

Just a few things I'd like to address.

I don't work fast anymore.

Yes, it's true. When I initially started doing these, I indeed worked very fast. I say with confidence that there are people who would back me up on this statement. However, as time went on, the workload began to pile up, and my tooling/workflow became inefficient. I was ill-equipped to handle the amount of orders I took. And this was on top of other exterior factors (like IRL work, COVID, personal matters, etc). No, I'm not trying to excuse myself. I admit, speed-wise, I have degraded from my initial posting last year. Part of the reason why I've decided to close off for now - other than the obvious statement that I have indeed been VERY busy working on several projects (you can see my activity publicly everywhere in this community, so I am not bullshitting or procrastinating) - is because I'd like to spend some time researching ways to improve my tooling... it has become obvious that with my current setup, I simply cannot produce finished results as fast as I used to anymore.

Now, to address some specific points that Accensus wrote. I have resolved the matter privately with him so I won't raise anything redundant, but these are some things that I HAVE to address publicly as I believe I have a right to defend myself concerning the following specific topics.

First up: I am not an unreasonable person. I do offer refunds for unsatisfactory work.

Please do not accuse me of being a scammer, being scummy, and things like that. This is simply untrue. Anyone who has any disputes they'd like to raise with me, ARE MORE THAN WELCOME TO! In this particular case, I sent the refund within 30 - 40 minutes after being notified of the situation. All you'd have to do is directly raise the issue with me.

An interesting thing I learned is that this isn't the first time he's done this

If by "done this" it means "I took your money and then bailed on you", this is simply untrue. As of the time of Accensus' post - except for his own order - I owed no one any unfinished business. Everything that was paid fully to me, by the time of that post, was agreed upon between me and the other party; I have delivered the final product and it was agreed upon that the business has concluded.

Let me re-iterate: I HAVE NOT POCKETED ANYONES' MONEY WITHOUT DELIVERING ANY PRODUCT. This is an outright LIE. I have completed all revisions (again, except for Accensus' one) I owe to everyone during the time of that post.

If anyone feels like I have not completed my obligations, I am certainly not hearing it. No one has sent me any messages voicing their concerns directly to me. I am frankly quite disappointed that people talk behind my back like this.

If you feel like I owe you something, please message me privately. I won't know what issues you have if you remain silent. As I've said, I'm not unreasonable. If you want refunds, we can arrange something. But please do not accuse me of scamming as that is an outright blatant lie.

In conclusion, I'd like to just admit that, yes, I did owe Accensus a revision pass which I failed to complete in a timely manner. I however DID deliver the initial work as requested and received payment for it. I am more than willing to offer refunds, which unfortunately was not discussed privately prior to what was posted in this thread.
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Re: [CLOSED] Spriter for Hire [original actors w/ rotations]

Postby Accensus » Tue Oct 13, 2020 12:30 pm

Well, unless those people can come out and testify, which is unlikely given that they probably want nothing to do with all this, I'll be retracting my statement about "an interesting thing I learned is that this isn't the first time he's done this" on the basis that it's hearsay, which I've already mentioned in my previous post, so alright, do consider it a lie for the time being.
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Re: [CLOSED] Spriter for Hire [original actors w/ rotations]

Postby Caligari87 » Tue Oct 13, 2020 1:28 pm

Thread locked at request because commissions are closed at this time. As Nash has said, please contact him if you have issues with your existing commission requests.

On a general note, it's good to remember that commissioning art is a two-way road requiring cooperation. It's up to both the client and the artist to set proper expectations and communicate needs or problems in the process.

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