Music (MIDI)

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Music (MIDI)

Postby Darkcrafter » Fri Sep 20, 2019 3:57 am

Gonna upload some MIDIs I made that I think I don't need. ... aveJcwq6um

All the midis were made by Vadim Taranov aka Darkcrafter, do whatever you want with them.


Hangar2.mid - own stupid idea for killing stupid imps that hide all around
Hangar2FatManOPL3.mid - the same song suited for FatMan's 2op patch set for OPL3

IM-IntermissionXXX.mid - my take on Duke Nukem 3D's intermission

RappieSongForDoomStalks.mid - I heard it on some video on zdoom forums, have no idea what this song is.

ParallelDimensionXXX.mid - take on Quake 1's parallel dimension

PosF4.mid - Feared Possessed

SDO.mid - my take on Slayer Delusions Of Saviour

Slayer_Americon.mid - Slayer Americon

SuperHeavyShitOPL3.mid - lol,

ThePowerOfHate.mid - this midi will give you powers to delete this crap very soon as you listen to the midi haha.

TNTCorrect.mid - TNT Doom level 1 - with correct arrangement to sound heavier.

EthanMeixsellAngelOfMercyXXX.mid - different versions of Ethan Meixsell (Ethan Rosch) Angel Of Mercy.

ExodusPumpItUp.mid - Exodus Pump It Up

FearedResArmy.mid - Feared Resistance Army

FunkyDiscoXXX.mid - different versions of this crap:

HBlockxI'veGotThePower - in the name of wiga's rodina HBlocx I've got The Power. Don't shit your pants this song is sooo serious lol.

55KillZoneXXX.mid - is down, so I include the original MP3 in the archive.

AmpieReArXXX.mid - my rearrangement of Doom 2's D_Ampie.mid for Microsoft GS wavetable synth and OPL3 Doom2 patchset.

Doom2TitleRemake.mid - Doom 2 title song. You don't wanna know how scary it is, please don't die from laughter.

D_RunninMetal.mid - Doom 2 D_Runnin midi song made sound a bit heavier - suited for Doom 2 OPL3 patchset.

Rock.mid - my friend sometimes does nice stuff but it was played on guitar, but since guitars sound shitty in midi, here's the trumpet version.
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Re: Music (MIDI)

Postby Mister Meaner » Wed Sep 25, 2019 6:52 pm

Thanks. I really like the TNTCorrect midi and the AmpieReAr midi.
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