[MUSIC] Operation Body Count: MIDI Restoration Project

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[MUSIC] Operation Body Count: MIDI Restoration Project

Postby GamingMarine » Tue Jul 09, 2019 5:17 pm


A little bit of backstory behind this project
Operation Body Count's soundtrack was, in my opinion, underrated, and never had any kind of MIDI conversion made for it (Even its brother, Corridor 7, got that treatment). Slightly upset by this, I got to work on converting and reconstructing MIDIs of the Operation Body Count soundtrack. I tried my best to make the MIDIs sound as accurate as possible.

How it was done
I grabbed a copy of the soundtrack from online, and ran it throught an IMF2MIDI converter. I then took the converted files and manually edited them via Markus Schwenk's MidiEditor. I had recordings of the original IMFs on my side to compare and contrast, and see if I needed to fix anything.

You can grab the zip file containing the final results here:

You are free to use this in any of your projects. Credit is not needed, but it would be kind to include it.
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