DrDoctor's Cherry Jam Soaked Gift Sack

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DrDoctor's Cherry Jam Soaked Gift Sack

Postby DrDoctor » Tue Dec 25, 2018 8:13 pm

https://www.dropbox.com/sh/iizz7pqzfs9d ... Dsvva?dl=0

A collection of numerous resource files I've made over the course of time. Ranging from sprite sets to 3d enemies

diablos - hi-res character sprite set of Diabolos from Final Fantasy XIV:A Realm Reborn (Made from Source Filmmaker)

sarge2e8.png (9.31 KiB) Viewed 612 times

Doom 64 Resprites - (reupload) a collection of alternate and expanded sprites for Doom 64 objects and enemies

3D_XenoPack.PK3 - A collection of 3d Xenomorphs from AVP3, Colonial Marines and Isolation. Though they have DECORATE it is somewhat rudimentary and is meant to be expanded on (Some of these are kinda high poly, especially the Isolation Big Chap and is recommended to use sparingly. PK3 has a test level (MAP1) These are 3D ONLY, their 2d sprites are just placeholders

D64_HIRES.PK3 - (WIP) A collection of Hires textures for Doom 64 (Mostly tech base) Is compatible with D64:Retribution though liquids are finicky due to their expanded frames
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Re: DrDoctor's Cherry Jam Soaked Gift Sack

Postby Enjay » Wed Dec 26, 2018 7:16 am

Some cool stuff here. The Xeno resource is particularly impressive. As you say, the DECORATE could do with a bit of tweaking (mostly to make them a bit faster/more deadly IMO) but perhaps that could be mitigated by using them in a map of twisting tunnels and limited visibility rather than this open test map.

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