[Textures] NS's Doom Texture Expansion

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[Textures] NS's Doom Texture Expansion

Postby NeuralStunner » Mon Sep 24, 2018 4:41 pm

My goal is to fill in some of the gaps in Doom's texture set, with quality taking precedence over quantity. Many of these textures were originally made & gathered for DUMP 3 map, "The Duality".

You must provide proper credits with your project to use resources from this pack. Don't be "that guy".
Credits: Id Software, Banjo Software, Hacx 2.0 Team, NeuralStunner
  • Textures under "Doom" are sourced from Id textures and modified by myself.
  • Textures under "Hacx" are from Banjo and the Hacx team, with a few edits from myself.
  • All sound effects are currently based on Id's stuff.

Note: Don't cut textures from this image, some are cropped/tiled! Use the pack, you numpty!

  • Numerous metal & "industrial" textures for your techbases.
  • Keycard and Skullkey switches. (With sound!)
  • 64px wooden doors for hell.
  • Light strips, key borders, and door tracks for hell maps.
  • Railings, in shiny and gothic.
  • A proper "lavafall"! (Recolored by hand for maximal excellence!)
  • Sound sequences for hell doors & plats. (Assign NSDoorWooden & NSPlatMetal in your maps.)
  • Green teleporter pads, including marble edges for "helleports".

Downloads: (MediaFire for now, apologies if it hates you.)
Standard Pack - All textures in PNG format.
"Classic" Pack - Doom GFX format, works with palette tweaks.
Both files include all sounds & definitions.
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