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Kick Attack! Sprite Rips

PostPosted: Sun Aug 26, 2018 4:01 pm
by V0idH0und
Kick Attack!, was a promotional Doom level made by Digital Marketing Associates for Kick. They struck a deal with id, they allow the promotion, and in return they get a huge supply of kick. If you don't know what kick is/was, It was a brand of soda (One of mountain dew's rivals), that is out of production. I thought the resources (As silly an obnoxious as some of them are), could be useful. So I ripped them for all of you.

In the zip: V1 Assets are the assets from version 1 of the .wad V2 Assets are the assets from version 2 of the .wad I think there are only a few texture differences. But I included all of them just to be sure. So I'm sorry if there are any duplicates.

Preview: ... k.png?dl=0

Preview has some enemy sprite snippets, and some walls and switches.

Download: ...

If you want to use these, credit:
Digital Marketing Associates for Kick
Dean Camastro
Anthony Verducci
Paco Levine
The Sisson Group, Inc.

I would appreciate credit for ripping them. But it's not required.

Doomworld Thread: ... tack-rips/

Check out Kick Attack!: ... j-l/kickdm ... -l/kickdm2