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Re: [Sprites][Sounds][Actors] Diablo bestiary storage

Postby Void Weaver » Sat May 25, 2019 8:56 pm

irontusk341 wrote:Are Diablo 3 sprites too incompatible to be used? i thought about adding like "corrupted angels, or something, or just use variants of sprites that i have"
Well, AFAIK Di 3 have model graphic base:
It's "2.5D", as in 3d models with fixed isometric angles, meant to reduce overall polygon count.
Diablo 3 is in 3D - it's just that your view is locked.
So work with Di 3 resources assume that it will be work with models and skins instead of sprites. That's first.
The second thing - I dunno tools that can work with Di 3 sources, but sure it are exist somewhere.
And finaly, IMHO it would be sux looking in Doom\Heretic\Hexen mods, even worth than sprites of Di 1,2 ones.

Btw, there are _D1_Succubus_Actor for request of one dude. 8-) Just evasive ranged enemy with a 50% chance to shoot seeker missile, and ability to goes enraged - faster shooting when wounded. Zandro incompatible, unless you didn't "unpack" actions from anonymous functions at least.
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