[Request] Heretic Textures And Tips

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[Request] Heretic Textures And Tips

Postby Friezus Christ » Fri May 26, 2017 7:57 pm

Hello, for the past 2 weeks I've been working on a small wad, which is my first serious project that I plan on releasing. Well, I've come to a bump in the road, I've been wanting to import the sky texture from Heretic's 1st episode, and the water textures. I've been searching for hours on end to find them, yet have I had any luck in finding anything regarding those textures. Also, how would one go about importing new textures into Doom Builder? One more question, heh, but this is a total noob question, but where can I find a blue colored waterfall texture in Doom Builder? I can only find nukage and bloodfalls.

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Friezus Christ
Friezus Christ
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Re: [Request] Heretic Textures And Tips

Postby Expect No Mercy » Mon May 29, 2017 7:10 am

First you need to set the Heretic wad in Doom Builder, if you want to make a Heretic map. When you want to build a Doom map you need to extract the flats from Heretic and store them in your wad or pk3.
Use Slade for that.

When you make a Heretic map this should help:
If you want to have the Sky from Heretic's 1st episode you need to name your map E1MX where X is the number of the level (1, 2, ...). If you name It sosmething other like E2M1 it has the sky of the second episode and so on. (The texture is in the Heretic wad too.)

If you have set the Heretic wad in Doom Builder you should have access to the textures of Heretic and you should find the water flats, and yes there is a waterfall texture too. ;)
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Expect No Mercy
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