[Concepts] The Sometimes-Serious-Concept-Drawings Thread

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Re: [Concepts] The Sometimes-Serious-Concept-Drawings Thread

Postby Homor » Sat Jun 22, 2019 6:03 pm

A thread for general monster concept art? Holy cats! I've been waiting for this for YEARS!


The idea of this is to replace the human enemies in Doom with humanoid demons. Because if you're like me, you've played levels set in Hell and thought to yourself "wait, why are there still possessed humans here? Did they like, follow me or something?" This would eliminate the problem and honestly make a pretty cool new enemy that would blend in nicely with the hell maps. I also imagine they'd be a bit beefier than their human counter parts. For example, the basic demon would have a multi-fire rifle like the SS officers and the machine gun zombies, and the chaingunner would have more health. Perfect as end-game replacements for the standard enemies.

The most efficient way I would think these monsters could be made is by just retexturing the existing zombie models but adding stuff like horns, etc.
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Re: [Concepts] The Sometimes-Serious-Concept-Drawings Thread

Postby Captain J » Sun Jun 23, 2019 12:29 am

Ahh, amazing to see that this Thread is alive once more. Pretty nice and Demonic outfit, i say!
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