[Request] Chainsaw texture

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[Request] Chainsaw texture

Post by Sinael »

A rather unusual one. I always wanted to make a HD swingable chainsaw and looked everywhere for a source to rip it from. The chainsaw from UT99 is way too low on polygons and texture, the best thing i found was a chainsaw from Fallout New Vegas (Gun Runners Arsenal official plugin), here are some samples:
There are much more frames, that can be combined into a nice swing animation, but as you can see there is one problem. The texture on that chainsaw is so terrible it makes me cringe even to look at. I searched the web and mod sites for a better textures and found texture replacers for almost any gun or blade, but no love for a chainsaw.

I can not draw for my life, so my request is for someone to make a propper high definition textures, so i can rip and script it. On a side note i think many F:NV players would appreciate such retexture too.

If anybody is interested, here is the original texture: http://www.mediafire.com/download/agw6i ... ainsaw.dds

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