[Music] Nmn's music archive for your mods (56k non-friendly)

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[Music] Nmn's music archive for your mods (56k non-friendly)

Postby Alterworldruler » Tue Nov 27, 2012 7:35 am

Right guys, you might remember Nmn_Paul from here or in general just Paweł "Nmn" Zarczyński, some of you might not remember him but he used to be a good weapon spriter back in the days, since he's no longer in the community in general, I decided to release under his premission, all the music he's done in past 4 years for Soulcrusher and other things.

So basically if you are looking for good mp3/ogg music that you can use in your mod but do not want to put up with potential legal threats, this music archive is for you!
The conditions for use are: Credit Nmn for the music but also do not use it in commercial projects under any circumstances.

What does this music archive contain:

- Soulcrusher's used and unused music.
- Tunes from various scrapped projects of Nmn's like R-one for example.

If I had to classify what's in there, there's a lot of level themes, boss themes, cutscenes themes you can use... it's all mostly in mp3/ogg but there's also a midi pack inside (which I can upload seperately at request) for your classic mods.

Link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/2sgc1r0tmd243 ... e.zip?dl=0
If there's something redundant to remove (I haven't checked) please say it here, i'll re-upload it without the redundant files.

December 2016 update link has been updated.;
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