*REQUEST* Old Sniper Rifle

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*REQUEST* Old Sniper Rifle

Post by Terrorized666 »

Ok, I had asked originally in the request thread here *http://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?f= ... 60#p640907* and all I have for this is this image (Thanks to lizardcommando!)

So in hopes of actually getting somewhere so I can continue working on the level, I'll make a thread here.

So once again, I need a WW2 era sniper rifle with a scope (which we now have something that could work), but now we have to make it look rusty and worn out like it has been sitting in the desert for years.

Please anyone! I really stink at photo editing. :/
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Re: *REQUEST* Old Sniper Rifle

Post by Kaal979 »

Its not easy but my advice - make a visible
copy of the transparent background layer in GIMP.
That should make it easier to apply masked craps on the rifle.
Maybe GIMP is even capable of importing the doom palette
but im sure IrfanView (free) makes this.

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