Mike12's Resources - Blood-style Revolver, 12/4/2016

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Re: Mike12's Resources - Blood-style Revolver, 12/4/2016

Post by luigiman0640 »

Where did you get those gloves for the Berettas? I really like them and was planning on using them!
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Re: Mike12's Resources - Blood-style Revolver, 12/4/2016

Post by giuseppemoghadam1984 »

Hey, I saw some people talking about this sprite a while back. It looks really great, and I was wondering if you've made anything similar to this since? I seriously can't get enough of your sprites!

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Re: Mike12's Resources - Blood-style Revolver, 12/4/2016

Post by Captain J »

One hell of a bump there. Tho i'm not sure if it belongs to gallery of useless bumps and i'm not the one to answer, but i don't think mike continued on this sprite but just one walkcycle. He created other whole *different mod* and pretty sure he still makes more neat art stuff on twitter, but that's about it.

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