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Re: [Resources] Terminator: Skynet

Postby Ethril » Sun Jun 12, 2011 5:12 am

wildweasel wrote:If you absolutely need the grenade launcher, I have a (doom-palette, doom-hands) rip of it in ww-bsni.wad as well as one of the Mixed Tape mods (can't remember which)

ww-mixed2.wad has the same launcher, with the same hideously overpowered altfire. :P
(seriously though it kills a spider mastermind in 2 shots)
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Re: [Resources] Terminator: Skynet

Postby CruX » Sun Jun 12, 2011 7:03 am

Mike12 wrote:I just noticed though, one of the plasma weapons is missing. It was another one-handed plasma weapon that was big and box-like.

This was noted in the OP. I eschewed this plasma weapon (phased plasma rifle, I think it was called), and two other hud weapons. The plasma rifle is butt-ugly, and my first attempt to clean it up didn't go well, so I decided not to bother with it. The MostlyUselessRaderThingTM didn't make the cut either, because I wasn't confident that anybody would even know it existed. Heck, I wouldn't even know about it if I didn't accidentally press the '1' key when I already had the lead pipe armed. Aesthetically speaking, the grenade launcher didn't tickle my fancy either, but this
wildweasel wrote:If you absolutely need the grenade launcher, I have a (doom-palette, doom-hands) rip of it

is the main reason I decided not to include it. Weasel told me he already had it ripped in another thread, and when I posted a few of these rips in the spriting carnival thread, another forum member PM'ed his own rip of the grenade launcher. Obviously if it's one weapon that was grabbed from Skynet, that was it (even though I really don't understand its appeal), so I couldn't see the point in working on it.

CeeJay wrote:and one frame of the Cannon is missing. I used to play these games back in the day. Future Shock was kind of a bore but Terminator: SkyNet was heaps better but unfortunaly riddled with nasty game-crashing bugs.

Even though I was pretty sure I grabbed all of the frames for every weapon, I can't say this is too surprising to hear. The weapons animate pretty quick in-game, so to deal with that I'd turn the frame cycling in dosbox down to its lowest setting, then take the screencaps. This was mostly effective, but for some of the weapons, particularly those with fewer frame counts (like the Plasma cannon), the animation would tend to abruptly cut from one frame to the very last frame, effectively skipping everything between. Oh well. Also, I can't really see the difference between SkyNet and Future Shock, apart from the levels. If anything, I kind of prefer Future Shock. The dialog for mission briefings was far more in-depth, and the level-immersion wasn't ruined by laughably bad voice acting, like it was in SkyNet.

CeeJay wrote: Any chance of the sounds?

This is a tad more complicated than screengrabs. I don't think anybody's cracked SkyNet's datafiles that have to do with its sounds and MIDIs, and I don't know squat about doing stuff like that, though I'd love to learn. The only reason I was able to grab some of the sprites that are included in this thread is because of InterKarma's excellent program, Daggerfall Imaging. Hence the name, it was intended for Daggerfall, but since it shares the same engine and uses some of the same file types, you're able to view and extract most of the stuff in SkyNet and Future Shock (though for whatever reason, the hud weapons aren't stored in any of the files that Daggerfall Imaging can access). I tried to use another one of InterKarma's programs called Daggerfall Jukebox, in the hopes that it'd have the same success with SkyNet's sounds and music that it did with the texture files, but no luck. Now, DosBox does have a few recording commands that I can (and have) use[d] to capture certain sounds that I can make happen on a reliable basis (i.e menu sounds, firing sounds, footsteps, etc.) and then edit in Audacity, but because of that very method (and the fact that most of the game's sounds don't really appeal to me...the assault rifle sounds like a fricken' pellet gun for cryin' out loud) I won't bother with it unless someone specifically asks. Also while I'm on the subject, let me just say that it's interesting to see the similiarities that SkyNet had to Daggerfall. I know, they were powered by the same engine so I souldn't really be surprised, but nevertheless, it's neat to hear a sound and instantly think 'Hey! that was in Daggerfall!. It's equally neat to see some of the sprites in Skynet that clearly served as a base for other sprites in Daggerfall. For instance, this Disco chick...
was obviously a base for this Daggerfall NPC...
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