New skies

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New skies

Postby osjclatchford » Tue Feb 15, 2011 2:36 am

It cant have escaped anyones notice that the lo-res sky2.png from tnt.wad looks somewhat odd in zdoom;
either obscurely stretched or tiled one atop the other, both looking rather ugly and ruining the overall experience.
Well, I've been playing with larger files for the sky and mixed a couple of DooM64's skies together with bits from the original sky2 from tnt to make a new sky.
The mountains and stars create a nice atmosphere but, nostalgia freaks relax, the distant galaxy and nebula are back from the original!
All in all I was most happy with the result as it does not at all look out of place with the rest of the art in the game but instead plays homage whilst giving you the opportunity to look up without getting too disorientated!
I'm sure someone has probably already done this better before but I like it and thought i should share.

all credit goes to id software, team tnt and midway for the art compiled from their original wads!

and for those just passing by; PIC=>
enjoy... or not.
I'm working on more sky related art at the min, watch this space...

As promised more skies, this time for the original episodes!

nab me =>
Pic =>
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