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[Sprite] StarCraft 2 Ghost

PostPosted: Sun Dec 19, 2010 8:03 am
by exwizard
Okay, before anyone wets their pants this is a sprite and not the actual model (for an OpenGL port); I tried getting an .m3 model into gzDoom for a few days and just couldn't do it. So, instead, I came up with a streamlined system for creating sprite-sheets through use of SC2's Galaxy Editor.

This pack includes all 4 necessary animations (an idle standing animation, a running animation, a firing animation, and a death animation) to make a convincing enemy. There are also 5 DECORATE objects. 1 is a quick and hacky version of what a Ghost would be like in zDoom. The other four are stationary objects which run the 4 different animations. They are there to easily check for any visual problems. Please note that the sprite is at 1/2 the size it was when I originally created it. It would be helpful to me if any of you get performance issues from it (I did in an early version) to drop me a note with your specs and what engine and options you are running it on.

Please consider this a beta version. A pack will be posted once I re-rip all the terran infantry (it was through the process of ripping all the infantry that I developed each step in my system; unfortunately, this means earlier rips are inconsistent in style to this one so I am forced to re-do them). It will include additional animations (for rpg interactions and for a sniper shot/emp special ability) and better DECORATE.

Screenshot_Doom_20101219_062041.jpg ... ects=0&d=1
Note: This zip includes sound. Thus, the file size is much higher than you might expect.

PS: Yes, I am working on a SC gzDoom iwad. It's going to be a co-op fps-rpg with nods to System Shock and Deus Ex. It will also feature a frantic death-match mode with nods to SC and SC2. Interested in getting involved? PM me. The process for creating these sprites is somewhat long but, relatively speaking, easy. I could use all the help I could get in creating them. If there is interest I could write a tutorial.

Re: [Sprite] StarCraft 2 Ghost

PostPosted: Sun Dec 19, 2010 8:46 am
by Blaskowitz
H-Holy SHIT!!! :o

Did someone call the thunder? :wink: