Reincarnation of Evil - Remaking Doom 3/4 Content in 2

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Re: Reincarnation of Evil - Remaking Doom 3/4 Content in 2

Postby Hidden Hands » Tue Jan 07, 2020 6:18 pm

Ghastly wrote:Reincarnation of Evil is a project dedicated to remaking the new content (monsters, weapons and items) in Doom 3, Resurrection of Evil and Doom 2016. The goal is to provide a resource for mappers to use, remaking these new resources in a way that lets them fit in with the original lineup of Doom 2 monsters and weapons, while providing different gameplay roles or themes mappers may find useful.

Formerly, this project was trying to remake all of the monsters from Doom 3, including monsters that already existed in Doom 2. I won't try to do that this time, unless the Doom 3 version is significantly different. I realized the only way remaking all of the monsters would be useful is to remake Doom 3 in (G)ZDoom, but in that case I'd just play Doom 3 anyway.

The names will have links to reference screenshots from the games themselves.

Zombie Civilian: Not started
Hazmat Zombie: Not started
Chainsaw Zombie: Not started (Might cut. Not really significantly different)
ZSec (Pistol): Done
ZSec (Shotgun): Done
ZSec (Machinegun): Done
ZSec (Pistol/Shield): Not started
Zombie Commando: Not started

Trite: Done
Tick: Not started
Forgotten One: Done-ish. I'd like to get a sprite-set like Doom 3's Lost Soul for this, but *shrug*.
Cherub: Not started
Maggot: Not started
Vulgar: Not started
Wraith: Done
Pinky: Not started (I consider this different enough from Doom's Demon)
Bruiser: Not started

Vagary: Not started
Helltime Hunter: Not started
Berzerk Hunter: Not started
Invul Hunter: Not started
Sabaoth: Not started
Guardian: Not started (Seekers: Not started)
Maledict: Not started

Gore Nest: Not started
Hell Razer: Not started
Summoner: Not started
Prowler: Not started
Harvester: Not started
Hell Guard: Not started

Heavy Assault Rifle: Not started
Chaingun: Not started
Gauss Cannon: Not started

Vortex Rifle: Not started
Lightning Gun: Have sprites. Mostly working, still a little janky.
Burst Rifle: Not started
Grenade Launcher: Done
EMG Mark V Pistol: Working code
Reaper: Not started
Hellshot: Code's mostly done
Static Rifle: Not started

Gas Can: Code's done, needs pickup sprite
Chaingun Belt: Code's done, needs pickup sprite
Grenade Box: Needs pickup sprite
BFG Cell: Code's done, needs pickup sprite

Armor Shard: Done
Air Tank: Done!
Adrenaline: Needs pickup sprite
Soul Cube: Code's done, needs pickup and projectile sprites
Artifact: Code's done, needs pickup sprite(s).

Berserk (Sphere): Code's done, needs pickup sprite
Quad Damage: Code's done, needs pickup sprite
Demon Rune: Not started, easy to code, needs pickup sprite
Haste: Code's done, needs pickup sprite
Invisibility: Code's done,needs pickup sprite
Regeneration: Done!

Frag Grenade: Code's done, need sprites for projectile and pickup (separate from Grenade Box, that's an ammo pickup for Grenade Launcher)
Megahealth: Done
Argent Cell: Done, needs a pickup sprite (the massive container in Doom 4 would not work at all)
Lateral Thrusters: Needs pickup sprite
Hologram: Done
Siphon Grenade: Working code, needs a pickup and projectile sprite

Personal Teleporter: Code's done, needs a pickup and a projectile sprite.
Threat Pulse: Not started. Have some ideas
Shield Wall: Not started but easy. I've made something similar a few times. Needs a pickup sprite and a sprite for individual shield sections
Tesla Rocket: Code works, needs pickup and projectile sprites.
Threat Sensor: Not started. Have some ideas
Kinetic Mine: Code's done, needs pickup and projectile sprites.

Sentry Bot: Not started
Supply Drone: Code's mostly done
Munitions Crate: Done
Health Station: Not started
Hell Barrel: Not started

Reference screenshots from Doom 3 are taken with Doom 3: BFG Edition with high-res skin/texture mods, where possible.

Image Image Image





Downloadable Betas:
*Nothing right now*

Have you got any download of your work so far?
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Re: Reincarnation of Evil - Remaking Doom 3/4 Content in 2

Postby whatup876 » Sun Feb 02, 2020 5:30 pm

This might be a question that someone already asked here and i didn't look it up but:

With the focus on actually new enemy types, does that mean later iterations of Doom 1/2 monsters don't count or are there exceptions for when certain designs or gameplay roles are more different?
Like the Doom 3 Pinky looking completely different or most of 2016/Eternal's enemies having new attacks and some not even having the same attacks as their classic counterparts.

I do like the idea of making the new stuff fit with the older games (sometimes even aesthetically) and i even had some ideas about this:

* Like the Kahn Maykr's design resembling a typical human female angel statue, but with golden wings and her brain on top of her head almost resembling a pope hat with some metal wires around it. (i like the idea that a Heaven in Doom would parallel classic Doom Hell in the sense that some enemies, levels, textures, props and even items like keys and power ups could draw similarities and differences)
* When i think of the Hell Guards, i think of how 2016 "uncybered" the Mancubus, so i imagine a demonic metal armor suit (with some flesh, horns and a pentagram on the front) still piloted by a demonic worm but the staff and mace are more "medieval" looking.
* The Carcass could be a frankensprite based off Arachnotron legs and a Chaingunner's body. (i guess some other enemies could be based off existing sprites like the Dreadknight still having horns because he's an HK variant, the Prowler being a purple Imp with some differences or the Cybermanc being what he is in D4V)
* And Gargoyles could resemble that one Satyr stone face wall texture or even Doom 64's gargoyles.

These are some ideas.

Edit as of Feb/12: had some more ideas of "classic" designs of new demons that may have taken a bit of creativity but:

* Maybe the Cybermancs could have an armor similar to the player's or an helmet/visor based off the vanilla armor bonus.
* Hell Razers being rock/volcano-like?
* Possessed engineers don't seem that special.
* Possessed soldiers having an actual classic Plasma Rifle fused with their flesh and they're based off the classic Doomguy armor but colored white (or blue to fit that Plasma theme) and their helmet is broken. (like the front/bottom part is still there and it's the eyes/forehead that is exposed)
* I once thought Summoners looked like fallen angels because of the wings and "crown", so that could be exploitable in some way.
* Doom Hunter: At first, the obvious would be a Cyberdemon edit where the "platform" is stylized to resemble certain textures/weapon sprites and his "gun" could be an arm cannon for simplicity and there's debate on whether or not he keeps the double saw. his design seems Doom enough in some ways but a change of details for simplicity and art style don't seem like a bad idea. For creativity i thought of him having a nose ring like a Heretic Maulotaur.
* Fire Baron: already exists as that one Realm667 monster spriteset but with fire blades. (maybe some "rocky" details from the 2016 Baron could fit)
* WhipLash: besides simpler details i remember Hugo Martin saying the design was meant to be more noticeably female so i wondered if something inspired by either the Doom 3 Vagary or even that one cut D64 monster could work: making the upper half resemble a female human (still with exposed brain and horns and other details) to create a weird mix of human nudity and demonic elements.
* Marauder: i always imagined that an "evil Doomguy" would easily carry the same helmet but with horns and have some background like "made to kill you" or "remember the boss you beat up before you were sent to Phobos? that's him".

I just imagined that a different lore could apply to some alternate timeline/"what if" designs.

Edit day 17: actually, maybe the Cybermanc's armor could be similar to that of the classic Revenant and Prowler's eyes could be different like they have a cyber thing attached with big red circles or something.
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