GLES software renderer invulnerabilty crash/freeze

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GLES software renderer invulnerabilty crash/freeze

Postby brick » Mon Jan 10, 2022 9:59 pm

I've done a bit of testing and I seem to get this bug under very specific conditions.
Going into invulnerability mode (but not console God Mode) freezes GZDoom 4.7.1. I say "freeze" because it doesn't completely crash, no error report windows, everything simply freezes (including the music) and the program becomes completely unresponsive. None of the keys work but it can still be closed with ALT+F4.
This only happens when using OpenGL ES (regular OpenGL works fine), and only if using Doom Software Renderer or the Truecolour Renderer (Hardware Renderer works fine).
This is very reproducible. Picking an Invulnerability artifact in Doom, or activating it directly using IDBEHOLDV, or using a Ring in Heretic, all immediately cause the freeze before the colour switch even happens. The Icons of Defenders in Hexen don't cause it, so it seems related to switching to the particular colormaps (though Doom's Berserk works fine).
I'm using GZDoom 4.7.1 on Windows 7 with an Nvidia GTX 970.
Running a log gives the following error in the file. I've only included 2 copies but the 3 lines relating to the shader error are repeated several dozen times.
Code: Select allExpand view
E1M1 - Hangar

inVuln, Str, Inviso, Rad, Allmap, or Lite-amp
Power-up Toggled

Init Shader 'Default':
Fragment shader:
0(540) : error C7011: implicit cast from "int" to "float"

Init Shader 'Default':
Fragment shader:
0(540) : error C7011: implicit cast from "int" to "float"

EDIT: just for fun I tried something: start in Hardware Renderer, do IDBEHOLDV, then switch to one of the Software Renderers. Game freezes immediately upon switching.
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