Powerslave Exhumed support?

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Powerslave Exhumed support?

Post by Casualfan »

Now that Powerslave has been remastered, would it be possible to port it to Raze? Or is the remaster's files too different from the DOS version?

Just thought I'd ask. Keep up the great work on this excellent port!
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Re: Powerslave Exhumed support?

Post by wildweasel »

Powerslave Exhumed runs on a completely different engine that has nothing whatsoever to do with Build. The console ports on which it is based were developed on an engine called Slavedriver, that also has nothing whatsoever to do with Build.
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Re: Powerslave Exhumed support?

Post by PlayerLin »

You can say Powerslave Exhumed is a port to original Console version(built with KEX engine, plus mixing things from Build engine(DOS) version), so Raze won't run "the port" at all, nor the original Slavedriver engine like wildweasel said.

The console version(Saturn, not PS1/PSX) of Duke3D was used the Slavedriver engine. Yeah, I think that was something like deal between both Lobotomy Software and Apogee LTD, so the PC DOS version of Powerslave/Exhumed using Build engine.
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Re: Powerslave Exhumed support?

Post by Gez »

Raze already supports Powerslave aka Exhumed aka Seireki 1999: Pharaoh no Fukkatsu aka whatever other title they might have given it, in its original Build engine version.

As said, the PSX and Saturn versions were completely different games using a completely different engine; and it'd make about as much sense for Raze to support it than it'd do to support, say, Quake, Turok, Dark Forces, or No One Lives Forever. This is this completely different version that is remastered in Powerslave Exhumed.

As far as I understand the story of the game: it was developed originally as "Ruins" in a deal with Apogee to use the Build engine. But then Lobotomy got the opportunity to port their game to the Sega Saturn (and later to the PlayStation) and they couldn't use the Build engine on that platform. So they wrote their own engine, the Slavedriver engine; but with a different engine came different gameplay. So they ended up making a completely different game, just with the same assets (though in lower resolution generally; Powerslave Exhumed uses the PC graphics whenever possible). Later they got to use their Slavedriver engine to power their console ports of Quake and Quake II. Which means that in a way, Powerslave Exhumed is actually closer to a Quake engine game than to a Build game.

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