Question about using Duke Nukem mods with Raze.

Question about using Duke Nukem mods with Raze.

Postby Gen5lock131 » Wed Sep 09, 2020 4:08 am

Some questions on how Duke Nukem mods work on the user side:

-Does anyone knows whats the best practice on the user end to using DN3D mods with Raze?
-Should I just load the mods with the -file command or can i just load them on zdl as if I was modding GZDoom?
-Do mods loaded with the pk3 file structure work?
-Should I change all my mods to the pk3 file structure?
-In eduke 32, to make many mods works together, editing of the duke32.def was needed, how does this work in Raze?
-Do voxels packs like the Duke Nukem Voxel Pack ( work?
-What about sounds/music replacers (Like the Roland55 musci packs would they work out of the box?

Thanks in advance for any info you guys can give me. :)
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Re: Question about using Duke Nukem mods with Raze.

Postby Graf Zahl » Wed Sep 09, 2020 4:44 am

These questions are a bit generic.
The biggest issue with Duke modding is how the internal file system works, i.e. if there are files in your game folder with the same name as the mod content they will take priority. As a result many Duke (and other Build game mods) are distributed in a form that can make it very hard to load them properly.

So, if you got a mod that's distributed as a GRP, using '-file' is recommended because it changes the load order so that the mod is always checked first for content. If the mod is distributed as a folder it can become tricky because there's so many setup variations. In general you should be able to follow those - with one exception in command line syntax. In Raze all options start with a '-' and need to be terminated with a space. So if you have a file that's supposed to be loaded with /gfilename, it'd become "-g filename".
Regarding those add-ons, technically they should work but there's still some known issues with installing DEF-based content. Some features are still broken and need to be fixed. Just try and see what works - if something doesn't, make a bug report.
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