[No] Feature Suggestion: Weapon Wheel

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Feature Suggestion: Weapon Wheel

Postby Flynn Chunkindere » Thu May 06, 2021 8:31 am

Here is a suggestion for a feature that I feel would be good to have: a weapon wheel.

Hear me out. One of the best features of Blood Fresh Supply and to some extent the 20th anniv. edition of Duke Nukem 3D was the addition of a weapon wheel on PC. Weapons wheel are pretty useful as they serve as a visual indicator when you are changing weapons (duh) without having to take my eyes from the screen to the keyboard on a heavy action screen. Sure this could be a niche problem but for the weirdos like me up there that don't have muscle memory for the numbebr keys and don't also have big hands this could make the games accessible. It would also be very useful for playing with a controller.

I understand if this could be considered feature creep and therefore gets shot down, however I though it was a valid suggestion.

Flynn Chunkindere

Re: Feature Suggestion: Weapon Wheel

Postby Graf Zahl » Thu May 06, 2021 9:24 am

It gets shot down for not being feasible in terms of work required.

Keep in mind that we got 4 games here, all with totally different weapon logic, most of which isn't even well implemented.
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