[Duplicate] [1.0.3] [PS/EX] Heart artifact weirdness

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[1.0.3] [PS/EX] Heart artifact weirdness

Postby Snarboo » Thu Apr 22, 2021 6:43 pm

General Bug Notes:
Version - 1.0.3
Renderer - OpenGL
Game - Exhumed (GOG)

During a trial run of Exhumed in Raze, I noticed something unusual in the second level: despite never coming across a Heart artifact, I seemingly had one in my inventory. I needed the health at the time, so I decided to activate it with the hotkey I had setup for it, and, well:
that's a lot of kilmaat.png

Yes, those are indeed Kilmaat drones being spammed all over the screen. They appear each time the Heart artifact is used, even producing that distinctive laser noise their weapon makes. Weirder still, the Heart artifact is now seemingly endless, only consuming mana each time it is used rather than removing one from the inventory. I decided to see how far I could make it into the game before this issue annoyed me, finally capping off with the screenshot above in Level 3. These little jerks never disappear, not even upon reloading a save, until a level is cleared without the Heart selected. Selecting or using the Heart causes them to reappear.

I decided to load a prior save in Level 1, and the same issue appeared, even though I didn't have a Heart at that point.

Further notes:
I decided to repeat Level 1 using the map screen trick to gather more ammo before proceeding to Level 2. I've also been making liberal usage of quicksaves, a feature Powerslave/Exhumed did not have in its initial release. This issue may exist in the original game, as I vaguely recall running into something like this playing a patched version of Exhumed with mouselook and autorun enabled years ago in DOSBox.

I'm attaching the relevant save files just in case this bug is repeatable and not just a fluke.

Forgot to mention that I can no longer pickup the Heart artifacts that appear in stages either!
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Re: [1.0.3] [PS/EX] Heart artifact weirdness

Postby Graf Zahl » Tue Jun 01, 2021 3:35 am

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