little bug report

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little bug report

Post by sataper »

I found 2 bugs
At first in E2L1 when you use the switch in the broken elevator the sound of the second switch opening is played two times
The second bug I found is in E4L1 when you enter in the room protect by energy doors (with blue pass but I'm not sure of the color, I'm visual impaired) there's a secret that you can access by use on the two computers but there's a switch textures on the screen (there's a window broken sound when you kick the switch)
See you soon :)
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Graf Zahl
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Lead GZDoom+Raze Developer
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Re: little bug report

Post by Graf Zahl »

The E4L1 switch is fixed.
No idea about the sound issue. The code for playing in-game sound effects is extremely volatile and tends to do strange things on occasion. It's also quite hard to fix because the entire game depends on these quirks.

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