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MBF Logic vs. Strife Logic

Posted: Tue Sep 05, 2017 2:01 am
by Xyzzy01
For a friendly monster, what is the difference between it being in MBF Logic and Strife Logic? :?

Re: MBF Logic vs. Strife Logic

Posted: Tue Sep 05, 2017 6:56 am
by Gez
IIRC MBF maintains separate thinker lists for friends and foes, which makes it more efficient to have all-out battles between monster factions. Strife doesn't, and neither does ZDoom, so you get limited to player-vs.-monster situations. A good example of that is how enemy monsters do not seek out and attack friendly monsters on their own. For instance, if you create a friendly monster that cannot actually attack enemies, it'll be able, once woken up, to wander around the level but enemy monsters seeing it won't be woken up, like they would if they were seeing a player.

I remember an MBF level that featured a baron-vs-knight "sport" fight, in some sort of stadium. The player can watch but is safely behind monster-sight-blocking lines. In MBF the two teams just start fighting immediately, in ZDoom each member of the "hostile" team stays passive until personally hurt (and return to passivity when they get rid of their assailant, until hit by another, and so on).

Re: MBF Logic vs. Strife Logic

Posted: Wed Sep 06, 2017 8:16 am
by Xyzzy01
Thanks for the clarification.