Camera questions

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Camera questions

Postby tsukiyomaru0 » Sat Jul 13, 2013 8:04 pm

Actually just two:
1. Is it possible to create a network-friendly fake chasecam effect that does not jitter?
2. What are the odds of inclusion of a stable chasecam-like function for ACS or Decorate?

In case you wonder, yes, I was going to make a suggestion around this but decided against.

Late addition: The reason I went against suggesting said feature is because I have no hopes that it would be looked into, even though the integration of an ACS/Decorate-controlled ChaseCam or similar function would greatly benefit those seeking to make mods where a third person camera is essential, as well as for the good of Zandronum, where another group of modders could benefit from said function as ConsoleCommand is getting scrapped for good.
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Re: Camera questions

Postby edward850 » Sat Jul 13, 2013 11:21 pm

tsukiyomaru0 wrote:1. Is it possible to create a network-friendly fake chasecam effect that does not jitter?

Aside from using the actual chasecam? No. I'll try and simplify the issue the best I can:
ZDoom's movement prediction works by processing the consoleplayer's tics (i.e you) that haven't been processed yet (netcmds that are ahead of the actual game tic). It does this entirely within the display code by:
  • Saving the current player object.
  • Unlinking the player from the world and flagging them as a predicted player
  • "Thinking" the player/player cmds for every unprocessed netcmd that they have
  • Render the world (based off the player camera)
  • Resetting the old player object back
The issue is this: The internal chasecam works because the chasecam is just an offset of the player camera. Fake chasecams (done through ACS) physically exist, and thus aren't processed by the player movement prediction. The only way to change this would be to start predicting the whole gamestate (or the ACS VM at least, but the same issue stands), which is not exactly performance friendly and would cause more problems then it would solve.

Edit: While I noticed you mentioned Zandronum, you are posting in the ZDoom forums and I don't see anything in your post as to what port you are specifically inquiring about, so I can only assume that you are asking about ZDoom.
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