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[Tools] ACC + ListACS

Postby The Zombie Killer » Tue Jul 09, 2013 2:13 am

I had a friend (that isn't on this forum) that likes to mod Doom, but he couldn't get ACC working for some reason, and he wanted an easy way for him to set it up in Slade. I basically zipped up ACC 1.54, jspenguin's ListACS 0.4 and a wget downloader that updates the zcommon, zspecial, zdefs and zwvars acs files to the latest versions straight from the git repository.

I also included HeXen's common, specials, defs and wvars acs files since I couldn't find them anywhere on the web.

I'm only uploading this here because it seemed to help him, and I guess it could help newcomers get into modding with ZDoom.

acsutils.zip - 2.16 MB

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