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Post by Nash »

Now that I looked at these screenshots again, I think the lance HUD sprite is a little too big. It's very distracting to have such a huge sprite on screen.
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Post by Phobus »

Have you ever seen how big a lance is? :P

Looks very interesting. I'm quite anticipating a release. :)
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Post by Cutmanmike »

Again, this looks good but the models to sprites just look ew to me. You really really really should consider Gzdoom models. Anyway, can't wait to play.
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Post by Siggi »

I believe she can't run GZDoom in OpenGL.
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Post by Shadelight »

This is going to be updated?! :shock: :shock:
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Post by ggg »

I think this just might 1-up Chosen.
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Post by Xaser »

Holy Hell on a Stick, now this is some great stuff. I feel a bit down though at the lack of a beta. XD Ah, well, I don't mean to be impatient at all but this looks just plain awesome, Mouse. :P
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Post by skadoomer »

Level design has come along way from the origional H-quest. I hope this carries over into the areas outside of town.
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Post by Nmn »

I sooo can't wait to play this.

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