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Textures Writer in python

PostPosted: Thu Nov 25, 2021 12:42 pm
by Gianpt
So basically, my project uses a lot of TEXTURES lumps and i made some code in python to automate this process.
Then i was thinking "hey, i could upload this code as a library", i made it more presentable for any user and posted on github.

I tried to post this code on pip, but i got some problems, so if you want to get the code go inside the repository and download the single script.
The readme contain an introduction and the code has a lot of comments and some examples, later i will make a wiki.
Download / Github
version: 1

If someone wants a specific feature, then simply ask for it, i will try my best.

Small preview, this example is also inside the script itself.
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from ZdoomTextures import *

# Make a texture definition
wall = TextureData("WALLBRICK",type = "walltexture", optional = True, scaleY = 1.2)

# Make a patch definition
p = PatchData("textures/brick.png")

# Add the patch

# Write a valid texture definition on screen, if written on a text file can be used inside the engine.