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Shiny Metagross's Improved FrameIndex Generator

PostPosted: Sun Oct 10, 2021 1:01 pm
by S_Andrew_S
Old version: here

This is my new and improved Frame Index generator. This one instead uses Java and is better than the previous generator in every way imaginable (can generate thousands of lines of modeldef in a split second, more flexible, has a copy button, counts the sprite name number correctly). This is my first java application. It does expect you to know how many frames your model has, but this shouldn't be an issue if you open it up with a tool like Noesis.

Spoiler: Preview

How to use:
Generate - you can automatically generate a single Modeldef frame with default values, or the ones you specified.
Copy - this will allow you to quickly copy all your Modeldef frames you just created.
Choose sprite starting prefix - the starting prefix for the sprite. You can use whatever you want, but because of the way this generator works, you should stick to 2 characters (I.E. MD). Default: MD
Starting sprite number (I.E. 0) - this is a number between 0 and 255. The number counts using hex, so the max amount of lines you can generate per part is 7424. Default: 0
Starting frame number - this is where your definition starts, by the frame number. Default: 0
Ending frame number - this is where your definition ends, by the frame number. This number must be greater than or equal to starting frame number. Default: 0
Amount of parts - this is the amount of parts you want to generate. Any numerical value is valid, except zero. Default: 1
Amount of frames between - this is the amount of frames you want to count by/skip.Default: 1

This tool requires you install Java (you can get it from here, I tested this on a machine with no Java installed). You just double click on the .jar and voila!

Download: ... sp=sharing