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MD3 to FrameIndex v1.0

PostPosted: Mon Oct 04, 2021 4:53 pm
A very similar tool had been done already by Apeirogon, and I didn't check before making this. So please use that instead: viewtopic.php?f=232&t=68699
This will be replaced with a tool made for generating MODELDEF definitions from MM3D with full animation names, and perhaps some more.

A very small and basic command-line (and also drag-n-drop) tool to generate MODELDEF FrameIndex definitions with only an MD3 as input.

GitHub source repository.

md3toframeindex input [base sprite name]
Input is the input MD3's filename, and base sprite name is an optional sprite name to use. It's 3 characters long, and the last character is a digit from 0 to 9 (so if the input model has 260 frames, the most supported by this tool, the range of frames is MDL0 A to MDL9 Z), if not specified, MDL will be used instead.

You can also drag and drop the input file into the executable, and in both command line and drag and drop scenarios, a txt file with the same name as the md3 containing the FrameIndex definitions will be created, if nothing went wrong.

Spoiler: Limitations