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MODELDEF creator

Postby Apeirogon » Mon May 25, 2020 1:50 am

Very straightforward script which read/parse (for now only) md3 file and create modeldef definition for it animation frames.

How to use it? For Windows
1.Put executable and model in the same folder.
2. Open cmd (clear mouse selection, then Shift + right mouse button click on empty space in opened folder, then select line with something like "Open command window")
3. Type in cmd ("executable name" "md3 file name" "sprite name from which model definition should start"), without () and "", and then press enter.
It then create new modeldef.%model file name%.txt file in folder which would contain all frames for model, which should looks like
model %file name%
Path "path to model"
Model 0 "model name"
Skin 0 "texture name"
Scale three numbers here

USEACTORROLL \\model would follow actors roll
USEACTORPITCH \\model would follow actors pitch

Frameindex sprite name frame name 0 frame index
Frameindex definition for next frame
and so on

You only need to redact path, model 0, skin 0 and scale variables to specific and model definition ready. If actor which would use this model and model file names do not match you should alos change model definition name to to actor name.
If there are would be some errors, it should print what goes wrong.


Compiled x64 version (x86/x32 wont compiles for me for some reason) ... tag/1.0x64

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